Top 5 Herbs For Pregnancy

Top 5 Herbs for Pregnancy Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years throughout pregnancy to gently help ease common issues and discomforts associated with childbearing and childbirth. The herbs we use in pregnancy are supportive to the mother and growing baby, generally, help nourish the body overall and can pave the way for […]


A Peek into Therapeutic Psilocybin Treatment

Psilocybin has been making its way into mainstream media recently for its use as a legal therapeutic treatment for palliative care and being a herbalist I was intrigued as to what this treatment looks like from both a practitioner and patient standpoint. Therapeutic Psilocybin in Canada I recently had the pleasure of sitting and chatting […]

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Herbs Not Safe for Pregnancy

This list of herbs isn’t exhaustive and features some of the most common herbs we use in Western Herbalism. In a lot of cases, there are no actual studies that indicate whether a plant is actually safe to ingest while pregnant and its safety profile is based on the potential hazard for harm.  It is […]

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Pink Yarrow Flower Essence: Protection for the Heart

Achillea millefolium, known more commonly as yarrow has long been admired for its protective qualities, dating back to medieval times when folks would hang yarrow above their door in midsummer as protection from evil spirits and illness. Its cluster of flowers providing an umbrella of sanctuary and safety for those that need help setting appropriate […]

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Interviews: Vancouver Island Herb Gathering

At the 2019 Vancouver Island Herb Gathering, our own Dionne Jennings took some time to interview some amazing Canadian Herbalists including Netta Zeberoff, Colleen Emery, Jeananne Laing and Patrick Kooyman. Enjoy!!

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Evening Primrose: Energetic Medicine for the Heart

Evening Primrose is a beautiful biennial wildflower in the Onagraceae or evening primrose family. A basal rosette of hairy leaves forms in the first year and in its second, the plant shoots up dense spikes of showy, 4-petaled, fragrant yellow flowers that bloom, as the name implies, at dusk.  A widespread weed that is native […]