Tools for the Herbalist Kitchen


Tools for the Herbalist Kitchen

In this webinar Laura Gilmour of Wild Muskoka Botanicals guides us through the essential tools for the herbal kitchen, from harvesting tools, to drying, storage and processing! Laura shares with us some invaluable tips gleaned from years of experience and highlights the most useful tools and equipment to consider adding to your collection including some you probably already have and a few that just might be worth seeking out.

Essential Tools Checklist

Tools for the Herbalist Kitchen

Section 1: Harvesting Tools
Section 2: Drying & Storing Tools
Section 3: Processing & Preparation Tools
Laura Gilmour

Laura Gilmour is a community herbalist, educator and founder of Wild Muskoka Botanicals and focuses her formulas on safe and effective remedies to maintain health and vitality. Her herbal education came both from incredible herbalist mentors and the wealth of knowledge to be found in books and through online courses, with lots of experimenting, some grand successes and learning opportunities in her failures. She is passionate about the ability of plants to maintain overall health and vitality, and to improve quality of life.

Laura likes to use primarily wild plants in her herbal concoctions because she believes that plants that grow in your native region hold important medicine for the people who live on that land. She also brings in herbs from other regions that have been studied extensively and are known to be especially effective, and that will often enhance the actions of native herbs – combining the best of what’s here with the best of what comes from around the globe. In her workings with wild foods, Laura’s more than five years working as an ecologist, identifying and researching wild native plants, has a major influence. She understands not only where the plants grow, but why they grow there and their relationships with each other and other species. She understands how to responsibly forage plants in a way that ensures they will be there in the long term.