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    Mycobacterium leprae. A nasty bacteria which causes leprosy. Mycobacterium leprae, like other gram positive bacteria has only a single cell wall but the wall is thicker and waxy. This makes it much more difficult to treat. Research has shown that infection sites in the body are characterized by the presence of foamy macrophages, fully packed…[Read more]

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    The basic herbalist has of knowledge of general nutrition and how to use individual herbs to treat simple ailments such as malnutrition, nausea, etc.

    The practical herbalist, in addition to possessing the basic knowledge, knows how to create tonic formulas that have the ability to gently and gradually bring the body back to a state of health.…[Read more]

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    Fellow students of WRC. I am finished my Practical Herbalist Program. It has been an existing journey to say the least. Special thanks to the administration for their help, their time and their understanding. I have learned a lot from you and I hope you’ve learned a little from me. I wish all of you the best in your life and practice. God…[Read more]

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    Just finished Biochemistry. A nice refresher of what I had previously taken in high school. My thoughts on this subject.

    On the miracle of life. No matter what experiments we do, the ultimate truth which we are confronted with is that we cannot get life from non-living matter. The idea of spontaneous generation, which has been around for almost…[Read more]

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    As we look deeper into a plants physical composition: its chemical and even atomic structure, the level of complexity rises exponentially to the point where it is virtually impossible to understand all the interactions going on. The mystery here is that the ancients knew how to combine certain plants to create very specific effects, but without…[Read more]

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    One final comment, it is possible that some of the unearthed ancient cities belong to the pre-diluvian world (3900 – 2348 B.C.) and not to post-diluvian civilization (2348 B.C. – 1 B.C.)… the sedimentary rock which they are found in is consistent with the effects of a global deluge – and this would account for the universal flood accounts in th…[Read more]

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    The theory that man in one form or another has been around for millions of years is pure and utter baloney. What seems more likely – what explains the facts much better – is a history of around 6000 years. While honest researchers admit that the study of origins is a subject which is often shrouded in mystery, there is really no mystery here, o…[Read more]

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    Silphium: the ancient wonder drug.

    A long time ago, in the ancient city of Cyrene, there was an exotic herb called silphium. Theophrastus wrote extensively about it. The plants had thick roots covered in black bark. They were extravagantly long; if you were to hold one up against the human body, it would be around the distance from the elbow…[Read more]

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    In 2005, there was an article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (4 January 2005, Volume 96, Issues 1-2, Pages 183-193) listing Nauclea root as a traditional African remedy for treating malaria and abdominal pain, with nausea being one of its side-effects.

    In 2013, researchers reported that tramadol was found in relatively high concentrations…[Read more]

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    I thought this was an excellent insight of yours, “Biological energy or life is the only function that we know of that creates order out of disorganized matter. Even though the laws of thermodynamics are not “broken” to make life possible they appear to be temporarily suspended. Some feel that this suspension of the second law of thermodynamics…[Read more]

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    As a Roman Catholic (and former seminarian) my purpose at the college has always been to learn about natural medicine: history, biology, pharmacology, nutrition, etc. but I have recently come across some views within the program which I can only refer to as inaccurate and biased characterizations of Christianity. Allow me to point out two that I…[Read more]

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    I’ve noticed a lot of naturopathic physicians and herbalists get so busy with the human aspect of treatment (diagnosis/prescriptions), that they lose touch with the human-plant relationship (horticultural/apothecarial). This is unfortunate, but understandable. It’s why I’ve always believed physicians and apothecaries should work closely toget…[Read more]

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    On the dogmatici, impirici and methodici

    The Dogmatists didn’t go beyond the previous wisdom; they achieved conventional results but with no new innovations. The Empiricists didn’t rely on previous wisdom, had plenty of mishaps but also made some innovations and discoveries. The Methodists made use of both conventional wisdom while…[Read more]

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    Hello peoples,
    Hope you are all enjoying the summer. It has certainly been a strange year here in Alberta. Seemed the cold took forever to leave and once it did things warmed up quite fast. May which usually has a spring freshness to it was more like mid-July…things then cooled down a bit and returned to normal. Though the term seems to be…[Read more]

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    Sarsaparilla is a valuable medicine that acts as a systemic antibiotic against various bacterial infections: Leptospira spp., Borrelia burgdorferi, B. garinii, and B. afzelii, Borrelia recurrentis, Treponema pallidum, Brachyspira pilosicoli, Brachyspira aalborgi, Mycobacterium spp., Neisseria spp. I am sure that there are others but as Michael…[Read more]

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