What does a Clinical Herbalist understand?

A Clinical herbalist uses medicinal plants, nutritional science, and time-honoured health practices in a clinical environment to assist the client in overcoming illness and regain health.

What does a Clinical Herbalist do?

A Clinical Herbalist uses several methods to assess the health status of a client, including case history, physical examination, and interpretation of lab results, as well as several other highly specialized techniques such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, and iridology.

What is the Clinical Herbalist Diploma Program?

In order to complete receive your clinical herbalist diploma students must undertake a practicum upon approval of Wild Rose College administration. This ensures that students have had practical, hands-on experience and guidance before undertaking their own patients and practice.

How long does the program take?

The program consisting of only practicum hours has a completion date of 1 year. Please contact administration for more information and to begin. 

What are the requirements to begin a Clinical Herbalist Diploma program?

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the Practical Herbalist, Traditional Herbalist and Master Herbalist Programs.

Click here to see the Diploma Program Requirements.

It is recommended that students hold a high school diploma if they intend to undertake the Clinical Herbalist program. Basic English competency is expected.

When can I start?

You can start right now! To begin, choose your payment program and initial course and once paid you will immediately receive your course material and access to your courses.

What Courses are required?

The Clinical Herbalist Program is different than our other programs in that no courses are required. Students must have completed the prerequisites before applying for practicum hours.

For detailed information on what is required to graduate from the Clinical Herbalist Program please read the Clinical Herbalist Program Outline.

Should you have any additional questions, please reach out to the college administration staff at [email protected].

Details of the Clinical Herbalist Diploma program are subject to change.

Last updated June 2017