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Master Herbalist Diploma

From: $128.08 /month

Payment Plan $128.08 / month for 12 months
Pay in Full $1,397.00


What is the Master Herbalist Diploma program?

Students entering the Master Herbalist Diploma Program will already have a strong foundation and understanding of Herbalism and alternative medicine from their required prerequisites (Practical and Traditional Herbalist programs).

Graduates of this program will attain extensive herbal knowledge, together with a comprehensive understanding of the functions of the human body and the effects of single and combined herbs and their modes of action. Students will also learn methods of assessing current health status and administering and monitoring the effectiveness of appropriate herbal remedies. The Master Herbalist program also provides students with knowledge in complementary healing modalities including Iridology. The enriching world of Phytotherapeutics is also presented in this program.

What can I do with my Master Herbalist Diploma?

As a Master Herbalist, you will have the knowledge to begin forging a career in Herbal medicine. Whether your interest lies in building a practice or in creating your own medicine through wildcrafting, at this stage a professional aspect begins to emerge. As a herbalist in the industry, you will possess a touch of entrepreneurship and be ready to begin blossoming into your new profession!

Master Herbalists are recognized by the Canadian Herbal Association. Click here for more info.

How long does the program take?

Your program has a 3-year completion date however it is possible to complete the program in a 1-year time frame.  However, we understand life can get busy sometimes and offer program extensions for our students with a $100 extension fee per program or $50 per course.

Do I need to attend full time?

Our courses at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing were created so the most casual or serious learner can take part. Our timelines and delivery ensure our students will be able to participate in our in-depth teachings while working or maintaining their other commitments.

All courses can be completed online and at your own pace.

What are the requirements to begin a Wild Rose College Diploma program?

Prerequisites: Practical and Traditional Herbalist Program

It is recommended that students hold a high school diploma if they intend to undertake the Master Herbalist program. Basic English competency is expected.

Does previous education count?

The College recognizes University and College level science courses for transfer credit, To inquire further about transfers or to see if your previous education is eligible please contact administration. Credits will be approved on a case by case basis.

Note: You will need to provide a transcript and/or proof of completion to receive credit.

How much does it cost?

Costs will vary depending on the delivery options you choose.

Picture of flower with "master herbalist" over top

Master Herbalist Diploma

From: $128.08 /month

Payment Plan $128.08 / month for 12 months
Pay in Full $1,397.00


When can I start?

You can start right now! To begin, choose your payment program and initial course and once paid you will immediately receive your course material and access to your courses.

What Courses are required?

Click here to see the Diploma Program Requirements.

Where can I find course descriptions?

Click here to view courses and course descriptions

Still have a question?

Contact our administration team for guidance in choosing your learning path!

Details of the Master Herbalist Diploma program are subject to change.

Last updated January 2017