Bleeding Heart

Dicentra formosa

Positive qualities: Ability to love others unconditionally; an open heart; emotional freedom
Patterns of imbalance: Entangled in relationships based on fear, possessiveness or neediness; emotional co-dependence

“Betty is heart broken. She and her husband have just separated. Her husband said she was too dependent on him and he needed to find his freedom. Betty knows she is codependent. She longs to have the ability to love others unconditionally, but she doesn’t know how. Right now she feels overwhelmed, like she is drowning in the sorrow of her broken heart.

Betty truly wants to release her codependency and to experience love and emotional freedom with an open heart.”

Bleeding heart is a very good example of the Doctrine of Signatures, where the shape of the flower reflects the medicine of the plant. Bleeding Heart is shaped like a heart, with a tear-drop dripping out the bottom, looking very much like the tears of a broken heart. Looking a little closer and we can see that the flowers are hanging like little hearts on pendants made from the stem, giving us a strong visual of codependant relationships.

Bleeding heart is a well tested flower essence and has been shown to release painful emotional attachments and heartaches from ended relationships. This might be the result of a breakup, a death, someone moving away, or getting a new job, or a tragedy with a pet. All of these incidents separate the person from their heart’s desire. Bleeding Heart flower essence helps mend the heart almost immediately, as if the person that was involved in the heart ache genteelly released their hold on it.

Bleeding Heart helps bring peace, harmony and balance to one’s heart, allowing a person to perceive love on many levels: of self, others, city, country, environment and beyond. Bleeding Heart flower will help a person to live from their Heart, with unconditional love for self and others. It is especially useful for children who are sensitive and have an over active heart chakra. It can be used by those that are clingy, possessive and codependent. Bleeding Heart is the key remedy for a person who has suffered from any heart wound. Bleeding heart is also useful when a person feels sorrowful because they have lost their old way of life.

Sometimes people go through an emotional catharsis when taking Bleeding Heart. This is caused when the backlog of emotional blocks begins to dissolve, and the emotions surface in order to be released. During these times it is helpful to add other remedies such as Borage, Dandelion, Evening Primrose or Wild Rose. Some people deal with an emotional catharsis by spending a day crying. Remember crying is one of the best emotional releases, and will most often lead to the ultimate healing of the situation.

Many people who are codependent, will blame others for their situation. These people want to be seen as the victim, instead of taking responsibility for their own situation. Bleeding Heart helps you to step out of the situation that you feel you are drowning in, while comforting the emotional pain and creating an objective, supportive environment where you can be self-affirming in your actions.

Bleeding Heart can help with some forms of sexual dysfunction, such as frigidity and impotence, if the dysfunction is related to deeper heart issues.

Chakra: Heart

Affirmation: With an open heart, I have emotional freedom through unconditional Love.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Abandonment, Acceptance, Adolescence, Aging, Animals and Animal Care, Attachment, Brokenhearted, Co-Dependence, Compassion