Diaper Rash

Diaper rash, otherwise known as diaper dermatitis, is a localized skin irritation. It is caused by extensive skin contact with a wet or soiled diaper and can range in severity from mild redness to blistering. It is commonly followed by secondary yeast or bacterial infections.

Recommended Action

Changing the diapers more frequently will avoid further irritation. The skin should be kept clean and dry with air circulating to it as much as possible. Avoid the use of plastic pants. Chickweed, Calendula or Mullein ointment should be applied to give relief.

Single Herbs: Mullein (topically applied); Calendula, Oil of Garlic (topically applied), Black Walnut Extract (topically applied, especially for yeast infections); Chickweed ointment (emollient); Chamomile tea (wash), Zinc Oxide ointment.