Echinacea angustifolia

Positive qualities: Core integrity, contacting and maintaining an integrated sense of Self, especially when severely challenged. Developing immune interface between environment and Self.
Patterns of imbalance: Feeling shattered by severe trauma or abuse which has destroyed one’s sense of Self; threatened by physical or emotional disintegration reflected in immune issues. A feeling of being only partially there, and not fully being present.

“Earl noticed he was getting colds more often these days. Why was his immune system so weak? Earl was going through a dramatic transition in his life, having just completed many self-development workshops. He was pleased with the transformations he was making in both his inner personal and spiritual life. What he didn’t understand is why he was getting sick so easily when he was making such positive shifts in his life.”

Every time we make a big shift in our life, either from trauma, abuse, or personal growth, we leave the old ‘us’ behind. The image of self is beginning to change, but you are not quite the ‘new you’ yet. Since the immune system is the interface between us and environment, it also needs to adjust. During this adjustment period the immune system is not as active or integrated. If you don’t release the old image of yourself, your energies become stagnant, weakening the immune system. Echinacea flower essence helps you let go of the old image and protects you as you grow into the new image of Self.

Echinacea flower essence will help during these transition phases. Just as taking the whole herb is beneficial for the physical body, Echinacea flower essence is important for the emotional shift associated with the immune system. It literally provides you with a protective shield. It is the kind of shield that surrounds great warriors, like Joan of Arc, Achilles and King Arthur. It gives strong energy for the spiritual warrior going through emotional or spiritual transitions. It can be likened to a motivational talk given to sports teams or soldiers before they go into battle. Echinacea flower essence keeps your confidence high and prevents negative energies from affecting you. In daily life it helps the average person deal with the metaphorical/energetic battle ground of modern life.

Echinacea flower essence helps strengthen one’s core integrity, integrating a sense of Self, thus strengthening the immune functions. It is especially useful when a person feels shattered due to trauma, abuse, or anything else that weaken one’s sense of self. It is beneficial when a person feels that they are not fully present.

Until recent times, most of us had a strong sense of self, family, community and particularly Nature. In modern society we can easily lose ourselves, not getting enough earthly and human nourishment. This can be amplified by acts of crime, violence and sexual or emotional abuse. If these traumas happen in early childhood, they can shatter the dignity of Self, making life a phantom-like existence, and resulting in the need to put on a different persona to function in daily life. Echinacea flower essence helps to restore one’s true Self-identity and essential dignity. It will also help one create a healthy relationship to both the Earth and the human family.

Echinacea is another good example of the doctrine of signature. Looking at a stand of Echinacea gives you a sense of vitality and robust power. Their stems are rigid and inflexible, ‘holding their ground’ in the battle with the elements. The flower heads are like porcupines, giving it protection. You can easily see that Echinacea can protect itself. The outside petal flowers are always drooping, reminding us of how some people droop through their day or the droopy feeling one gets with a cold, or other influenzas.

Charkas: Solar Plexus, Heart and Root

Angels: Arch Angel Michael and Arch Angel Ariel

Affirmation: I AM dissolving away old self-images to reveal the wealth that is my true Self.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Abuse, Action/Decisiveness/Self-Discipline, Challenge, Childhood, Depletion, Earth Healing, Emergency, Exhaustion and Fatigue, Fear, Independence, Individuality, Immune Disturbances, Inner Child, Loneliness, Menopause, Nature Awareness, Rejection, Self-acceptance/appreciation, Shock from past trauma, Strength/Endurance, The Healing Process, Transcendence