Often known as ‘piles’, this condition involves varicose (enlarged) veins of the anal or rectal area. Weak blood vessels in that area, constipation, straining during elimination, a lifestyle that involves too much sitting and a calcium deficiency are indicated in this situation. They are usually accompanied by itching, and if the condition is not cared for, prolapses of the anal wall, rupture of small veins and secondary infection may result.

Recommended Action

It is very important to avoid constipation. Change to a diet low in mucus and use the LBT-3. Regular exercise and drinking plenty of steam distilled or reverse osmosis water daily will help. Apply Vitamin E or wheat germ oil to the area; they may be taken orally as well. Even better results will be found using plantain or collinsonia ointment and suppositories. A white oak bark and collinsonia root enema has been shown to be useful in this condition.

Single Herbs: Collinsonia Root, Garlic, Mullein, Plantain, White Oak Bark, Butchers Broom and Catnip teas (as wash), Elderberry or Mullein poultice.

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin C (1,000 mg, three times daily), Bioflavonoids (1,000 mg, twice daily).