Lady Slipper

Cypripedium parviflorum

Positive qualities: aligns spiritual energies with daily work, integration of the higher centers and vital forces of the root and creative chakras
Patterns of imbalance: Estranged from one’s inner authority, inability to integrate higher spiritual purpose with real life and work; nervous exhaustion, sexual depletion

“Mary lived the classic Jungian psychology Nun/Whore life. She will cloister herself for months at a time, and then go out and party until she is sexually exhausted. Her higher center very rarely communicates with her root center, creating a disconnectedness that leaves her feeling exhausted both nervously and sexually. She is unaware of the flow of energy around her. Mary will sometimes fantasize about higher spiritual goals, but she does not know how to integrate spirituality into her life. Her back and spine are weak, due to the lack of energy flow in the spinal chord, making her too weary to walk her own path”

Lady Slipper flower essence is useful for people who compartmentalize their spirituality and humanity. It will aid in merging these two forces into one balanced and harmonious package. It helps to incorporate spirituality more completely into the body. The Lady Slipper person thinks or fantasizes about spiritual realms, but can’t feel these energies in the physical realm. Lady Slipper flower essence will help one to realize their inherent ability to incorporate this spiritual energy in to their daily life.

Lady Slipper flower essence is useful to take before having any energy work done, as it opens one’s awareness to the subtle energy flowing in and around the body. This remedy is equally useful for the energy practitioner to use while working with clients, as helps to collect and focus healing energy.

Lady Slipper is specifically used when the higher centers are not connected to the lower centers. This lack of connectedness can affect the whole chakra system, weaken the spine and confuse the nervous system. These people will often suffer from weariness and exhaustion and especially depletion of their sexual forces. By redistributing this psychic energy, a person is better able to stand on their own two feet and to walk their own path.

This essence will also help provide clarity and a creative expression of one’s inner purpose. With this ability to express one’s self more easily, shame is released. It helps obtain a deeper understanding and delight of sexuality, opening one to deeper levels of intimacy. This intimacy is not only with others, it is with Self. Now you will never need to feel lonely.

This remedy can be used during the dying process to foster a better connection to angels and the nurturing forces of other realms.

Chakra: Higher communication with root center.

Physically: calms and reestablishes the nervous system and the limbs. This in turn helps an individual regain inner composure and spiritual strength.

Spiritualizing sexuality and grounding spirituality

A message from the plant:
“I should be used as soon as you have been hurt. I will feel like a warm security blanket. Soon you will realize that everything is actually perfect and you are taken care of. You will feel so wonderful you will want to pass this new joy on, and so you should.”

Symptoms Which Indicate
Alienation, Authority, Community Life and Group Experience, Conflict, Desire, Energetic Patterns, Exhaustion and Fatigue, Feminine Consciousness, Groundedness, Leadership, Life Direction, Manifestation, Nervousness, Power, Restlessness, Self-Actualization, Sexuality, Spiritual Emergency or Opening, Vitality, Work and Career Goals

Lady’s Slipper is a tonic for the nervous system