Nosebleed (clinically known as epistaxis) is a common problem frequently resulting from physical injury, such as a blow to the nose. Excessive dryness, sudden change in atmospheric pressure, scratching with the fingernail or blowing the nose too forcefully can also cause injury to the nasal lining. High blood pressure, nasal polyps or tumours, a blood disorder or simply a Calcium deficiency (leaves nasal blood vessels weak and susceptible to rupture) may be indicated by persistent or recurring nosebleeds.

Recommended Action

Usually drinking a teaspoon of Cayenne in a glass of warm water will remedy a nosebleed. In severe cases, snuff Goldenseal root powder or White Oak bark tea up the nose. Their astringent and homeostatic properties suffice to stop the bleeding. Bayberry bark and White Oak bark are astringents and should be taken into the nose daily for recurrent cases (especially where polyps are present). These will strengthen the blood vessels and tissues of the nasal passages. Either use them as a tea and inhale through the nose or spray them in with an atomizer; or by using a straw, carefully inhale a very small amount of powder up the nose. Taking a calcium supplement will help to strengthen the nasal blood vessels.

Single Herbs: Cayenne (vulnerary, hemostatic); Goldenseal root, White Oak bark, Barberry bark, Yarrow (hemostatic and astringent).

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin C (500 mg, four to six times daily), Bioflavonoids (1000-2000 mg daily), Calcium/Magnesium (500/250 mg daily), Multivitamins and minerals (one, twice daily).