In this condition, Herpes zoster virus causes infection of the peripheral nerves of the body. Swelling of the lymph nodes, reddening of the skin and eruption of blisters are indications of shingles. The blisters are extremely sensitive to the touch and may itch or burn, but dry within a few weeks, crust over and finally drop off. There are usually no serious long-range effects unless the eyes become infected, in which case blindness may result. This condition is sometimes followed by temporary paralysis or neuralgia of the affected area. (See also Herpes).

Recommended Action

A three-day juice fast (or even 10 day Lemon Aid Cleanse) along with plenty of LBT-3 will cleanse the system of toxins. Nervine herbs will soothe and strengthen the inflamed nerves, while calcium and magnesium supplements will help rebuild them. Apple cider vinegar diluted with water, used as often as necessary to bathe the affected areas of the skin, will give temporary relief.

Single Herbs: Reishi, Licorice, Valerian, Hops (calm the nerves).

Combinations: Reishi Extract, NervaHerb, Inflammation Ointment.

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin C (1,000 mg, four times daily), L-Lysine (500 mg, twice daily), B-complex, Zinc (80 mg daily for a week, reduce to 50 mg after), Calcium (400-800 mg daily), Magnesium (400-800 mg daily), Krill / Black Currant Oil (1,000 mg, twice daily).