Shooting Star

Dodecatheon conjugens

Positive qualities: Translating spirituality into human terms, with a cosmic consciousness of caring for all that is human and earthly.
Patterns of imbalance: Deep feelings of alienation, while not feeling at home on Earth or a part of the human family.

“Shawn had been told he was an “Indigo kid”, the new breed of ‘spiritual warriors’ born mostly between 1975 and 1998. Shawn wasn’t sure he bought into all that ‘stuff’, but he had to admit that he felt different from the people around him. He felt alien and often wondered how did he arrive here in the first place. His mother told him that he didn’t have an easy birth. After 48 hours of labor, she was induced and even then it had been a struggle.

About four years ago Shawn began to have feelings that he was interacting with extra terrestrials (ETs). He didn’t understand what these interactions were and tried to rationalize them; telling himself that they were merely feelings left over from his dreams or perhaps his imagination getting carried away because of his fascination with video games involving ETs. His parents felt it was a case of an over-active imagination. Shawn didn’t know. The only thing he knows for sure is that he doesn’t feel like he is a member of the earth family. He even feels homesick for some unknown place he has never been.

The one thing Shawn does understand is that most people around him are not living real lives. They are merely existing, living out old habits and following what is termed as ‘The Man’, some type of unspoken organized force that seems to rule people. The funny thing is that most people don’t even realize this is happening. Why can’t they see what he sees? If being part of the earth family is just following someone else’s agenda, he doesn’t want any part of it.”

Have you ever observed a shooting star falling through the night sky? It is not hard to believe that it comes from another planet. The Shooting Star flower reminds us of a comet falling down to earth, bringing with it a beautiful fragrance.

Shooting Star flower essence is for the person who feels alienated and not part of the human Earth family. People who benefit from this flower essence often feel a sense of homesickness for an unidentifiable time and place. This alienation can begin during childhood, and presents as a fascination for science fiction stories, movies and video games. Often these people had a traumatic birth experience, as if they were struggling with incarnating onto the physical plane. Whatever the cause, these people have a difficult time fully participating in the human experience. The Earth just doesn’t feel like home. They don’t fit in and are often labeled as the ‘black sheep’. Although these people are usually highly intelligent, some of their ideas seem irrational to others. They feel a strong sense of purpose, even though they don’t usually know what it is.

Shooting Star flower essence will help a person gain a true sense of why they are here, and will allow one to access practical means to achieve those goals. Shooting Star flower essence is useful for people that have gone through a period of strong personal growth and are looking for ways to effectively utilize their new resources. This flower essence is especially beneficial for children and adolescences when they are going through changes, or being rebellious. It helps people to be more sociable.

Angels: Arch Angels Haniel and Arch Angels Metatron

Affirmation: I open my heart to the Source of my being and I know why I am here. As a child of the universe, I feel welcome wherever I go.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Ambivalent/Apathetic, Awareness, Balance, Childhood, Grounding, Improving Self-Discipline, Issues of Intimacy, Nature Awareness, Pregnancy, Separation/Alienation