Tanacetum vulgare

Positive qualities: Self-directed and goal-oriented, with deliberate and purposeful, decisive actions.
Patterns of imbalance: A procrastinator, with an inability to take straightforward actions. Lethargy and habits which undermine, or subvert real intention of Self, abilities and talents.

“Tammy can never seem to get anything done. She is always procrastinating. She feels sluggish and suffers from continuous indecision. Many people think she is lazy and indifferent, with no purpose in life. But Tammy’s procrastination comes from being overwhelmed with all of the stimulus around her, causing her to withdrawn into herself in an effort to lessen her confusion. This behaviour drains her physical energy. Tammy remembers having lots of energy as a child up until her mother left. After that she just didn’t want to do anything. Her parents had always argued and there was a constant tension in the house. She longs for the day when she can break free from this cycle of sluggishness and procrastination, and once again have abundant energy, make clear decisions, and approach life with a straight forward purpose.”

Tansy flower essence is for the procrastinator who feels sluggish and full of indecision. It can be used when this is a temporary response to life, as well as when this pattern is of a deeper nature, such as unconscious and ingrained patterns associated with family and early childhood traumas. Often when a person is exposed to a great deal of chaos, confusion, emotional instability, or even violence, they will withdraw into them self in order to keep the peace. This ‘energetic downshift’ is a way to avoid or distance oneself from the perceived confusion. Tansy flower essence can help stimulate a feeling of self-awareness enabling a person to connect with their own personal power and purpose in life. When a person operates from a center of self purpose, they regain their energy and stop living in a world of indecision and procrastination. They find their own talents and gifts and feel a drive to contribute.

Tansy will also provide some degree of protection from outside influence, but it’s protective abilities are not as effective as its cousin Yarrow. Tansy flower essence can also be used to alleviate depression, when the depression is the same energetic downshifting used as an avoidance of trauma.

Tansy flower essence helps create a feeling of optimism, and an understanding of one’s own responsibilities. It will also remove the need to blame others for their fate by reducing self-pity and bitterness. Tansy flower essence helps one renew their confidence in them self.

This flower essence is good for business people that need to make straight forward decisions. It can be useful for establishing team work when starting a new project and especially when the project gets stalled from team members feeling overwhelmed from all the group stimulus.

Chakra: Crown chakra, activated pineal gland

Angels: Arch Angel Metatron and the Creator

Affirmation: I produce self-directed decisive actions.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Action, Aloofness, Ambivalent/Apathetic, Career/Work, Catalyst, Codependent/Needy, Decisiveness, Desire, Eating Disorders, Energetic Patterns, Family concerns, Hesitation, Immobility, Improving Energy, Improving Self-Discipline, Indecision, Inertia, Issues of Desire, Lazy/Indolent/Lethargic/Sluggish, Manifestation, Motivation, Obesity, Procrastination, Repression, Resistance, Stimulation, Time Relationship, Transformation, Will