Weight Control

Our modern diet of refined foods and a sedentary lifestyle make it extremely difficult for some to maintain a normal, healthy body weight. Consequently, weight management has become an obsession in our society, but ideally correcting this must include other factors related to optimum health such as exercise, rest, anxiety and stress, boredom, frustration and psychological hunger. Often nutritional deficiencies, metabolic abnormalities and, in some cases, glandular disorders must first be remedied before weight can be controlled effectively. If parasites are the cause of a voracious appetite, as is often the case, they must be eliminated first. Adopt a diet low in mucus and do periodic juice fasting as well as supplementing with such herbs as are indicated for the specific condition in all the above situations.

Most weight management issues, however, can be addressed by changing the diet and adopting an appropriate exercise routine.

Recommended Action

There are so many diet plans on the market that it is confusing to choose one and stick to it. We have listed what we consider the best program in the Diet Plans along with the other diets. The reason we feel the Ultimate Weight Loss Program is best is that it considers the metabolic function of the body. This program ‘tricks’ the body into thinking it is fasting but at the same time keeps the metabolism high, thus burning off fat.


Nutritional Supplements: Protein powder (predigested whey based if possible), Multivitamins and minerals, Chromium, Essential Fatty Acids.