Yarrow, Pink

Achillea millefolium

Positive qualities: Loving awareness of others with an open, protected heart. Feeling appropriate emotional boundaries, while maintaining a self-contained consciousness.

Patterns of imbalance: Dysfunctional merging with others, which is the result of unbalanced sympathetic forces and an overly absorbent auric field, creating a lack of emotional clarity.

“Patricia is a very sensitive girl. She cannot easily discern between her own emotions and the emotions of those around her. She is overly compassionate and sympathetic to others, which leaves her vulnerable to being hurt by them. She is even more vulnerable when she is in a love relationship. Every time she feels comfortable in what she thought was a meaningful relationship, she gets hurt, and ends the relationship in an effort to protect herself. Patricia longs for emotional clarity and the ability to have a receptive heart that doesn’t leave her feeling vulnerable.”

Like the other Yarrows, Pink Yarrow flower essence is an essence of protection. Its specific area is protection of the heart. The job of Pink Yarrow flower essence is to give one the ability to have an opened heart, while still feeling protected. It helps one to be compassionate without feeling vulnerable. Pink Yarrow flower essence helps us build suitable emotional boundaries, protecting the sensitive person from the emotional debris that can be found in many environments. It helps us to practice appropriate emotional hygiene for the heart.

Pink Yarrow flower essence has feminine, or yin energy associated with it, creating the archetype of the heroine. (White Yarrow is the male or yang hero)

Pink Yarrow flower essence can be used when our heart feels like it has been torn open with the pain of separation, death or unexpected change. This essence will help integrate emotions when one is feeling stretched thin by sorrow, making it an essential essence for one going through the grieving process.

Pink Yarrow flower essence is excellent for children as it helps them to feel safe, loved and protected. It is also a beneficial flower essence for the care giver, helping them to feel confident about the child’s ability to take care of them self. It can be used to heal generational problems both within a parent – child relationship, or emotions passed down through the generations.

Animals will also benefit from this and the other Yarrow flower essences.

There are three types of Yarrow flower essences. White Yarrow flower essence is an essence for general protection. It will create a white field of energy around a person and knit together any porous areas of a person’s auric field. Pink Yarrow flower essence is also for protection, but it is more specific for protection of the heart. It helps a person to approach life with an open heart without feeling vulnerable. Pink Yarrow flower essence also helps a person become grounded within them self, allowing them to create meaningful relationships with others. Golden Yarrow flower essence is used for protection at a mental and social level. Golden Yarrow flower essence helps with communication and can be used by the timid person to come out of their shell, or by the flamboyant person that creates a persona to hide behind. It can be used personally, or can be made into a spray for the room.

Chakras: Root and Heart

Angels: Arch Angel Chamuel and Arch Angel Zadkiel

Affirmation: I feel completely protected with an open, loving Heart.

Symptoms Which Indicate:
Abuse, Blaming/Intolerant/Judgmental, Childhood, Codependent/Needy, Compassion, Death, Dysfunction, Eating Disorders, Feminine Awareness, balancing, Guilt, Impressionable/influenced, Improving Energy, Irritable, Issues of Intimacy, Menopause, Negativity, Paranoia, Personal Relationships, helping, Pregnancy, Strength/Endurance, Stress/Tension, The Healing Process, Urban Stresses, Working in Groups, Worries