Ague (recurrent spasmodic shaking) is commonly associated with malarial fevers. Unlike other fits of shivering, this condition often continues after normal body temperature has been restored. As the condition progresses, feverish spells alternate with chills. The body attempts to warm itself by spontaneous contraction of the involuntary muscles. Malaria, pneumonia and some other fever-producing maladies can be accompanied by or preceded by ague.

Recommended Action

The best treatment is to encourage the fever with diaphoretic herbs and plenty of moist heat until it breaks, unless it approaches dangerously high levels of 104 degrees or more. In this case, febrifuge herbs should be employed to reduce the fever (see Fevers).

Single Herbs: Thyme or Hops (febrifuges); Bayberry, Blessed Thistle, Catnip, Garden Sage, Chamomile, Yarrow (diaphoretics).

Nutritional Supplements: B complex, Vitamin C, Calcium.