Unconscious wetting during sleep by a person over the age of three is clinically termed enuresis, while involuntary urination by a child or adult during waking hours is referred to as incontinence. Infection or inflammation of the urinary tract, worms or other irritants, general weakness and debility, extreme tiredness, drinking too much liquid, eating spicy food that irritates the urinary tract and emotional stress can all cause this problem.

Recommended Action

Refined foods should be eliminated from the diet as they weaken the system. Eat the evening meal no later than 4 or 5 o’clock and do not eat again before bedtime. Especially, do not consume liquid the last few hours before bedtime. If thirsty, eat fresh fruit, but only if absolutely necessary. Immediately upon arising give plenty of liquids so as to dilute the strength of retained urine. Many cases of enuresis are of an emotional nature. If the parents are confronted in the child’s presence with the statement that the child is merely doing it for attention, they will usually state their child gets all the attention that he/she needs. At some subconscious level the child seems to realize they do indeed get attention, and the enuresis will often cease shortly thereafter.

Single Herbs: Uva Ursi, Juniper berries, Buchu, Parsley leaves, Cat’s Claw.

Combinations: Reishi Extract, Parsley/Raspberry leaf tea.

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin A (10,000 IU, twice daily), B complex, Vitamin C (1500 mg, three times daily), Zinc (10 – 30 mg daily), Multivitamins and minerals.