A cataract is a complete or partial clouding of the lens of the eye. This is one of the most common causes of blindness or impaired vision in North America. Over 75% of people past 65 years of age show some sign of this disease. Early stages can only be easily seen by eye examination. The most common causes include exposure to UV light and eating too much mucus forming foods.

Recommended Action

Eat foods high in antioxidants and water, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of reverse osmosis or steam-distilled water daily. Avoid mucus forming foods such as white flour and cheese, as well as rancid oils/fats (old salad dressings), and sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Carrot juice and/or cod liver oil is excellent for eye health. Krill / Black Currant Oil (EFAs) are very important to keep the eyes from drying out. Cold water fish and hemp seed oil are ideal sources of EFAs.

Single Herbs: Eyebright, Goldenseal root, Bilberry, Cineraria, Dandelions, Ginkgo, Krill / Black Currant Oil (Evening Primrose oil, Borage oil etc.), Bayberry (astringent), Raspberry leaves, Chamomile (soothing).

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin A (emulsified, 25,000 IU daily), Beta-carotene (100,000 IU, twice daily), B complex (1 tablet, twice daily), Vitamin C (1,000 mg, three times daily), Vitamin E (400-1,200 IU daily), Selenium (400 mcg daily), Zinc (15-60 mg daily), Copper (3 mg daily), L-cysteine (400 mg daily), L-glutamine (200 mg daily), L-glycine (200 mg daily).