Colds and Flus

We all know the symptoms related to colds and flus all too well. They include various combinations of the following: head congestion, sore throat, difficulty breathing, coughing, headaches, fever, restlessness, sneezing, watery eyes, stomach aches, diarrhea, ache and pains. If a fever gets above 102 F (390 C), you should consult a health practitioner. These health issues are hard to cure once into their advanced stages, so prevention, or proper care in the first stage, is the best bet. Factors that can compromise the immune system include: too much sugar, chronic overeating, too much mucus-forming foods, toxic bowels, Candida, and food sensitivities (especially dairy and flour). Stress can also be a contributing factor.

Recommended Action

The best prevention is to protect the immune system by eating well, getting adequate exercise (not overdoing it), fresh air, clean water and preventive herbs. One of the best herbs for flu prevention is Echinacea or the fungi Coriolus (turkey tail). We find the echinacea root works best as a prophylactic in powder (capsule or tablet) form. At the first stage of a cold, echinacea is best in a tincture form, especially if mixed with goldenseal root. Vitamin C is also a great prophylactic. Once a person is 3-5 days into a cold/flu, neither of them will stop the problem. Coriolus will help prevent cold. Taken either in capsule form or as a tea work well.

Single Herbs: Echinacea, Coriolus, Goldenseal root, Licorice, Garlic, Ginger, Astragalus, Lomatium, Elder Berries, Yarrow, Mints, Eucalyptus oil, Olive Leaf extract.

Combinations: Echinacea Plus Formula, Goldenseal Plus Formula, Echinacea/Goldenseal Tincture, Kam Wo tea.

Nutritional Supplements:  Beta-carotene (30,000 IU, 3 times daily), Vitamin C (5,000-10,000 mg), Zinc (30-60 mg).