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Cysts usually appear just under the surface of the skin and are abnormal sac-like growths, which contain fluid or semi-fluid substance. They are also common on the mucous membranes of the body, particularly those of the female reproductive organs. They are distinguishable from tumours, which consist of solid matter, in that they contain mucus, dead tissue debris, pus or even hair. They are rarely malignant.

Recommended Action

While you are trying to eliminate cysts, the Cleansing Diet should be followed for ten days, alternating with the Daily Diet Regime. It is often beneficial to add in the third cycle of a three-day D-Tox Diet. Then repeat the cycle. Whole grains are also very beneficial to rid the body of cysts.

Single Herbs: Black Walnut leaves, hulls, bark, or extract; Burdock, Chaparral, Evening Primrose Oil or other Essential Fatty Acid oils.