Frequent and abnormal liquid bowel movements are indications of this condition. Other body disorders such as colitis, amoebic dysentery, food or chemical poisoning and emotional stress can cause diarrhea. It can also be brought on by infection (either in the digestive tract or elsewhere in the body) or by digestive problems resulting from chemical, hormonal or enzyme deficiencies, or it may occur by itself. If the diet has just been changed to one high in roughage, or fiber and fresh fruits, diarrhea will often result until the body adjusts. Dehydration, loss of minerals, and loss of water-soluble vitamins and beneficial intestinal flora (bacteria) will occur if the condition is not remedied.

Recommended Action

Diarrhea should be treated as a symptom and efforts should be made to determine the cause. It is advisable to replace lost fluid by drinking large quantities of juice or some other liquid. Astringent herbs can be employed both orally and in the form of an enema. If the diarrhea is a result of amoebic dysentery, colitis, emotional stress, food poisoning or any other disorder, it is important to deal with that particular condition specifically. In cases of extreme constipation, nothing but water can get through and this condition manifests itself as diarrhea. The obstruction can be removed by the use of an enema, and the peristaltic muscles can be stimulated and gradually rebuilt by the use of appropriate herbs. If there is excessive bleeding of the bowel, make a tea from 30 mg mullein leaves simmered in 500 ml of milk. Strain and drink it immediately after the bowels move. This is an effective remedy and will often achieve results when all else fails. The mullein acts as a homoeostatic and demulcent, being held against the membrane walls by the milk that coats them. Make a fresh batch each time and drink the whole thing immediately after each bowel movement until the bleeding stops. In infantile diarrhea the loss of potassium can be serious or even fatal. Mashed banana will supply a large amount of potassium and halt the diarrhea.

Single Herbs: White Oak bark, Red Raspberry (astringent enema); Slippery Elm, Huang Lian Su (astringent and demulcent); Mullein (for bleeding bowel); Fluid Extract of Wild Strawberry, Uva Ursi (astringent), Garlic, Goldenseal, White Oak Bark, Psyllium.

Nutritional Supplements: B complex, Charcoal tablets, Multiminerals, Pro-biotics, L-Glutamine (500 mg, 2 – 3 times daily), Potassium (50 – 100mg).