Bacteria, viruses or fungi are present in the environment and in the body itself. By themselves these microorganisms pose no serious threat, but when they begin to multiply in accumulated toxic wastes or deteriorating tissue, infection is said to exist. The blood rushes in to supply white blood cells and other elements in an attempt to contain the infection and repair damaged tissue. This results in the characteristic redness and swelling of inflammation.

Recommended Action

Disease germs serve a useful role in cleaning up the internal environment and recycling wastes, but it is most important that they be kept under control. Antiseptic and antibiotic herbs, as well as anthelmintics and febrifuges, are used for this purpose. Refer to specific section for infections in those areas.

Single Herbs: Goldenseal, Echinacea, Myrrh (antiseptic); Garlic (antibiotic); Black Walnut (anthelmintic); Thyme, Fenugreek (febrifuges).