See also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Considered by many to be a subcategory of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain with a set of specific tender points. It is usually associated with fatigue and sleep disturbance. Several other symptoms that might be present are: irritability, poor memory and concentration, headaches, dizziness and bowel complaints. Women are afflicted with FM ten times more often than men, the age group ranging between twenty and fifty-five.

Recommended Action

This health issue, like many others, is classified as a psychoneuroimmunological (PNI) syndrome. This means it has psychological, neurological and immunological aspects. The centre of gravity of the syndrome varies from person to person and from time to time within an individual.

Counseling is just as important with this syndrome as any form of supplementation. Typically a FM person has a very good constitution while simultaneously being very sensitive to the environment. This sensitivity extends to both interpersonal issues and environmental toxins. FM people often internalize a large amount of emotional and mental data, creating circular arguments in their minds. This circular argument mental pattern seems to tighten up muscle tissue, creating a stagnation of both fluid and what the Chinese call qi (chee). The best supplement we have found for relaxing this internalization of circular arguments is Reishi mushroom.

It is also important to strengthen the immune system with good diet, mild exercise (e.g. tai chi or stretching) and clean air, along with supplementation. Low levels of magnesium and malic acid are often found in FM people.

Single Herbs:Reishi , Chlorella, Rhodiola, St. John’s Wort, Astragalus, Ginkgo, Kava Kava, Ginger root tea, Skullcap.

Combinations: Reishi Extract, St. Johns Wort Extract Plus Formula, Muscle Relaxant Formula.

Nutritional Supplements:  Beta-carotene (30,000 IU, twice daily), B complex (1 tablet, twice daily), Vitamin C (1,000 mg, four times daily), Magnesium (300-600 mg daily), Malic acid (1,200-2,400 mg daily), Coenzyme Q10, Dimethylglcine, MSM, Essential Fatty Acids.