Rubus ursinus

Positive qualities: Competent manifestation in the world; clearly directed forces of will, intentional and decisive action
Patterns of imbalance: Inability to translate goals and ideals into concrete action or viable activities; procrastination

“Brent is always coming up with great ideas, but he never seems to have the time or energy to manifest them into his every day life. Some would call Brent a procrastinator because he is always thinking of what to do next, instead of getting to what has to be done now. It is perplexing how there is such a gap between what he thinks and what he accomplishes.

Brent feels physically sluggish as all his energy seems to be in his head, never making it down to the rest of his body. This often makes him feel pessimistic, seeing things on the darker, more cynical side of life. During these negative times Brent can be tactless and blunt, often gossiping and speaking in ways that are offensive. Brent feels unclean when his thought patterns are negative.

Yet on good days, Brent is kind, speaking gently and seeing the goodness in himself and others. During these times Brent thinks with mental clarity and is full of optimism, seeking honesty and truth in himself and others.

Brent is very environmentally aware, and feels offended when others mistreat living things or disrespect the environment through littering and other selfish acts.

Brent’s challenge is to let go of old patterns that keep him from turning his thoughts into action.”

Blackberry flower essence helps a person make a strong connection with their will, while aiding in manifesting ideas. Many people have endless great ideas, but are not able to manifest them on the physical plane. These people can use Blackberry flower essence to help them organize their thoughts into specific priorities, and then manifest them to realize their goals.

People who think too much often have a sluggish and slow metabolism, due to most of their energy being in their head region. Blackberry flower essence will help re-integrate a person, normalizing their digestion and metabolism. This will also aid in vital energy flow to their limbs, giving them a greater feeling of inner power to move forward. This helps align the bodies’ pathways physically and etherically, supporting balance and stabilizing the interplay between the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Children: When the child is worried with negative thoughts or stressed by exposure to disturbing movies or TV programs, people, nightmares, and feelings of uncleanliness. Good for the “terrible twos”.

Mother: Positive thoughts. Clears negative thinking, unkind thoughts, fault finding, bluntness or pessimism. Brings purity of thought, optimism and compassion. Ability to see the good in oneself and others.

Quality: Purity of thought

For Feng Shui Land Healing: Balancing the energy of the Earth’s magnetic field within the land, bringing this magnetic energy into a state of balance in its relationship with other energies within the land, and with any buildings, etc, that may be on the land.

Affirmation: I confidently manifest pure thoughts into everyday life. I am filled with good will towards all.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Acceptance, Ambivalent/Apathetic, Blaming/Intolerant/Judgmental, Career/Work, Challenge, Childhood, Clarity, Codependent/Needy, Compassion, Complaining/Critical, Confusion, Creativity, Cynicism, Death, Decisiveness, Denial, Depression/Grief, Detoxification/Purification, Dishonesty, Energetic Patterns, Enhancing Intellect, Fear, Fertility, Focus, Frustration, Humor, Idealism, Improving Energy, Improving Self-Discipline, Indecision, Inertia, Inspiration, Issues of Desire, Lazy/Indolent/Lethargic/Sluggish, Life Direction, Manifestation, Mental Illness, Motivation, Negativity, Obsessive/Compulsive, Optimism, Procrastinating, Resistance, Sluggishness, Stimulation, Time Relationship, Transformation, Tuberculosis/Consumption, Wisdom/Insight, Working in Groups