Blue Early Viola

Viola adunca

Positive qualities: Calm, delicate, highly perceptive, elevated spiritual perspective; sharing with others while remaining true to oneself

Patterns of imbalance: Profound shyness, reserved, aloofness, suppressed anger, fear of being submerged in groups, difficulty resolving conflict

“Violet knows she has much to contribute, but how can she when no one seems to be paying attention to her? She feels frail and delicate, but also angry inside. She feels like no one listens when she speaks. Violet knows she is more sensitive to higher spiritual realms then other people. Yet she doesn’t understand why she has a hard time sharing with the group. She feels shy and alone. Would the group feel that her contribution is valuable? She longs to be a part of the group, but can only experience group energy from the outside. She would rather stay hidden then risk being seen. Is it the bottled up anger that keeps her apart from others? She has never let anyone see this anger inside of her. How can she release the anger in a non-violent way? How can she contribute to the group by expressing who she really is rather than being controlled by shyness and anger?

Early Blue Violets only produce a scent when the sun shines on the flower. In a similar way, Violet must learn to radiate her full force of spirit in order to reveal her delicate jewels.”

Early Blue Viola flower essence is for the shy person that often hides behind their frustrations or anger. On the surface these people will project a delicate sweetness, yet hold back much of their real emotions. Early Blue Viola will help one’s true strength show through by dissolving the anger. Anger is a healthy part of our life force and needs to flow freely. When anger and frustrations are bottled up, other feelings will be hidden behind them. Early Blue Viola flower essence will let the anger be released in a positive, non-violent supportive way. It lets one feel empowered, not victimized. This can be particularly true in group situations, where Early Blue Viola flower essence helps diffuse the emotional charge that is often connected to issues. In group situations often people have a fear of loosing ones Self to the group. This essence releases those fears, letting the person warm up to group situations. This will often result in the group gaining from the deep insights, understanding and mysteries that they can now share.

Instead of feeling lonely and shy, Early Blue Viola flower essence helps a person warm up to the group. This sweet essence helps a person fully present themselves, regardless of their surroundings. Good for children who are sensitive, aiding in them sharing and communicating their needs with others. Early Blue Viola’s tender heart shaped leaves beautifully protect the plant from sun and harshness . . . just as this elixir protects the warmth of the human heart. It will help you ascend quickly and smoothly.

A message from the plant:
“I hear laughter, belly laughs from hundreds of nature spirits of all different ages. This gives you the ability to be spiritual and take your mission seriously, but still have fun and be light hearted.”

Chakra: Crown and Throat

Angels: Arch Angels Raphael and Sandalphon

Affirmation: I freely contribute to the group, not hiding behind shyness or anger. Releasing anger into love sets me free.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Ambivalent/Apathetic, Childhood, Communication, Fear, Generosity, Independence, Issues of Intimacy, Loneliness, Personal Relationships, Separation/Alienation, Shy, Working in Groups