Borago officinalis

Positive qualities: Lively and enthusiastic heart forces, buoyant courage and optimism
Patterns of imbalance: Heavy-heartedness, lack of confidence in facing difficult circumstances, depressive behavior

“Bob is discouraged and disheartened with his current situation in life. He finds it hard to truly express himself and walks around with his head turned downwards. Bob’s sorrow often leads to depression. It seems like he is always blocked and discouraged by what he feels are adversities and hardships in his life. Bob constantly lives with a victim consciousness and is beginning to lose faith with the world around him. He knows it is time to look for a change before these feelings get the better of him.”

Borage is for the heavy hearted, which is different from the heartache of the Bleeding Heart. Borage is used when the soul needs up lifting and encouragement. It is an excellent all purpose energy tonic to add to a formula. Borage helps the heart’s energy become lively and enthusiastic. It strengthens the heart when circumstances are difficult, bringing gladness and joy into one’s life. Borage lets you trust with a light energetic heart. It supports change and transformation and helps restore one’s faith in both the self and a higher power. With this new inner strength, one feels attractive, and beautiful; turning others heads who want to feel your inner light. It is great to aid in making a strong positive first impression. It aids in building confidence and self acceptance. Borage is useful when a person feels like they are a victim. It is used as an emotional cleanser and re-balancer. Borage flower essence can help regulate the hormonal system.

Chakra: Third Eye and Heart

Angels: Arch Angels Zadkiel and Haniel

Affirmation: I am transforming sorrow and depression into Divine power.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Animals and Animal Care, Adrenals, Broken heart, Cheerfulness, Challenge, Commitment, Confidence, Courage, Death, Depression/Grief, Discouragement, Faith, Gloom, Grief, Happiness, Heart Attacks/Pains/Problems, Healing Process, Heart, Joy, Lightness, Manifestation, Menopause, Mid-Life Crisis, Nature Awareness, Optimism, Pregnancy, The Healing Process