Ranunculus spp

Positive qualities: Shinning inner light, that is not attached to outer recognition or fame; feeling self-assured
Patterns of imbalance: Having low self-worth, with an inability to acknowledge or experience one’s inner light and uniqueness

“Life is a great effort for Henrietta. She has struggled with self-worth her whole life. As a child Henrietta never felt she was important. Then came puberty when she was constantly challenged with low self-esteem. Now as an adult Henrietta knows those habits of childhood have to be changed before she can truly express her inner strength and uniqueness. Henrietta has to heal the lingering weakness of her inner child that was handicapped so long ago.

As a maturing women Henrietta now has dreams to bring her self integrity into the world.
She needs to express her feeling of ‘selfhood’, individuality and uniqueness into the work she is doing. She is not doing this to obtain fame; Henrietta just wants to feel that she gave it all, and to be all that she can be.”

Buttercup is especially useful for children when they are growing up and maturing. This is particularly important if the child is handicapped in any way. Buttercup imparts a feeling of self-worth that is not overbearing to the ego. It helps a person come full circle with who they are and then to reach higher into their potential.

Buttercup is more than ever beneficial during times of life transitions (on all planes), such as energetically and physically moving from childhood into adulthood. Even though these humble feelings within the self do not appear remarkable to others, they are extremely important for maturity and soul development.

Buttercup FE helps the Self realize and sustain its beautiful inner light, which can then become a source of healing and peace for others. It gives the clarity and inspiration needed to allow the self to mature and become an integral part of society.

Buttercup FE can be considered a “magic carpet ride” bringing a person into quiet surrender. It reaches into the inner regions of one’s innocent Essential Self; the place of blissful self-love. By healing the inner child, Buttercup helps us remember the creative gifts we carry into this world.

Charka: Solar Plexus, Heart Charkas

Energetic: We can help! We give strength, empowerment and motivation. It strengthens your new sense of self, after a transition/achievement/revelation. Gives power to your new self. Buttercup balances a sense of individual self-worth with a joyful awareness of humbleness.

Angels: Arch Angel Ariel (bringing two lions with her to protect and empower you), and Arch Angel Jeremiel.

For Feng Shui, Land Healing: Releases and balances the energetic legacy of the people who used to live on the land. Helps integrate their energy with the character of the land.

Affirmation: I release my inner child to shine forward with all the gifts I bring to the world.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Acceptance, Alienation, Action/Decisiveness/Self-Discipline, Aging/Elderly, Appreciation, Blaming/Intolerant/Judgmental, Career/Work, Childhood, Clarity, Codependent/Needy, Confidence, Creativity, Dislike, Envy/Jealousy, Failure, Feminine Awareness/Balancing, Grounding, Home and Lifestyle, Impatience, Improving Memory, Inadequacy, Inner Child, Life Direction, Manifestation, Menopause, Mid-Life Crisis, Mental Illness, Motherhood, Optimism, Perfectionist, Personal Relationships, Prejudice, Pride, Rejection, Self-acceptance/appreciation, Separation/Alienation, Shame, Shy