Chickweed, Mouse-Eared

Cerastium arvense

Positive qualities: Tolerance, compassion, wisdom, light, higher self; Being happy with yourself, so you don’t need to seek approval from others, and do not attract ‘draining’ relationships.

Patterns of imbalance: inability to acknowledge and experience timelessness; being fully present and able to respond. For those with unresolved emotional issues who feel threatened, insecure or needing to be in control when life’s direction changes. Mouse-eared Chickweed helps one let go of the past and relax into the present moment, able to freely move forward without guilt or sense of failure because previous choices didn’t work out.

“Carol regrets many of the choices she has made in the past and this regret often makes her feel insecure, bitter and resentful. She fears her future will be filled with more wrong choices. Carol is threatened by her own emotions and her need to be in control. She feels unavailable to experience her everyday life. The only time Carol can relax and be in the moment is when she is on a sail boat. It is then that she can let go of control and allow the sea and wind to bring her into the energy of the here and now.”

Mouse-eared Chickweed promotes a sense of adventure, helping one to let go of the past and relax into the present moment. It allows a person to freely move forward without feeling guilt or a sense of failure due to previous choices they may have made. Chickweed will help to dispel timidity and shyness, allowing a person to have a clearer expression of Self, while bringing joy into ones life.

Mouse-eared Chickweed’s message is simple — time is not real. It is a human construct, made to help us experience our lives. Do not be limited by time. The little mouse gets many things done in a hurry, but never feels hurried. This makes Mouse-eared Chickweed flower essence suitable for the anxious type ‘A’ personality who needs to learn how to slow down, relax and unwind. Mouse-eared Chickweed flower essence can bring a sense of peace and unity to a crazy household. It helps talkers slow down enough to listen to others.

Chickweed does not consider itself a weed, but a plant to aid in the celebration of timelessness. It has been used over the millennia as a garland worn on the head to celebrate change, or a new life phase.

Chakras: Crown, Throat, Root

Meridian: Gall Bladder

Key word: Present, Available, Response-ability, Timelessness

Challenges: Bitterness, Resentment, Unavailable, Anxiety

Angels: Arch Angel Raziel and Chamuel

I am available and present to respond to life as it unfolds before me
A state of timelessness and being at one with self and all things.
A feeling of being in the cosmic flow and the impeccable timing of right now.

Lighten up, Let go
Be Here Now
The present is the best gift of all

Symptoms Which Indicate: Chickweed promotes a sense of adventure.