Chichorium intybus

Positive qualities: Freely giving Selfless love, with a respect for the freedom and individuality of others; emotional containment
Patterns of imbalance: Manipulative, possessive; demanding; needy; attention getting through negative behavior; self-centeredness.

“Carol doesn’t like to admit it, but she often finds herself manipulating her husband. She is a demanding person, possessive and self-centered and not afraid of throwing a temper tantrum in order to get what she wants. The other day Carol was outside the movie theater screaming at her husband, demanding that they watch the movie of her choice. Her husband always gives in just to keep the peace. He was way too easy to manipulate.

This manipulative behavior began when Carol was young. As a child Carol had developed habits to get attention in an attempt to replace the love that was missing from her life. During childhood Carol felt so ignored and deprived that she didn’t care whether the attention was negative or positive. In her mind any attention would fill the void of not being loved.

As an adult Carol’s demand for attention continues. She knows that this neediness from childhood is a misdirected search for love. And it was beginning to drive her husband away. She truly wants to freely give and receive selfless love. And she no longer wants to manipulate others through the emotional attention getting habits of her childhood.”

Chicory flower essence is for the person who has emotional congestion and misdirected love energy. These people need to distinguish between their personal need for attention and their genuine love and care for others. It is especially good for children and adults who use fussiness, manipulation and emotional tantrums to get their own way. Chicory flower essence is the “give-me” remedy, used when the energy that should naturally flow from the heart is hidden behind self-pity, neediness and even martyrdom. Or when disguised as love, their behavior is used to manipulate and high-jack the energy of others. Chicory flower essence is good for the person who is too critical, interfering or nagging.

Chicory flower essence can also help you let go of others you care for and allow them to freely live their own life. It is particularly useful to help children grow up. It helps them get past hurdles like needing to have their stuffed animal or their ‘blankie’. It helps with children that are selfish and need to be the centre of attention. We often see parents who constantly demand attention from their children (whether young or adult). They want their children to live close to them, or get involved in their life in other ways, often being critical of any independently-made decisions.

In marital or partnership relationships the Chicory person can be overly solicitous and resentful if their concerns are ignored. The phrase: “After all I’ve done for you” is a common one for people who could benefit from Chicory flower essence.

Chicory FE can be totally transformational for those needing it as it will shift their attention from the demands for an external source of love to the appreciation that they are themselves the source of love.

Chakras: Heart, Root and Solar Plexus

Symptoms Which Indicate
Abandonment, Aging, Altruism, Animals and Animal Care, Attachment, Attention, Children, Co-Dependence, Egotism, Inner Child, Irritability, Love, Manifestation, Martyrdom, Mother and Mothering, Personal Relationships, Possessiveness, Power, Rejection, Release, Responsibility, Self-Concern, Selfishness, Sharing