Anthenum graveolens

Positive qualities: Experiencing and absorbing the fullness of life, especially with heightened sensory aspects (taste, touch, hearing sight, smell)
Patterns of imbalance: Overwhelm due to over-stimulation, hypersensitivity to environment or to outer activity, sensory congestion

“Donna is easily overwhelmed. She constantly feels bombarded by stimulus. Sometimes she can’t even distinguish between tastes and smells or sights and feelings. Donna’s mind races from all of the sensory input, especially when she is at work. She gets so overwhelmed that sometimes she starts to cry. Most evenings Donna has to sit in a darkened, quiet room just to be able to calm herself down.

Donna needs to find a way to slow down in this fast paced life. How can she calm her mind so she can relax? Even her dreams are hectic.”

Dill flower essence has an important place in modern life. We are all over stimulated by constant sensory inputs competing for our attention. The tiny blooms of the Dill flower sit on the ends of long stems appearing like fireworks bursting out in all directions from a center. Modern city life often makes us feel like we are moving in thousands of directions at the same time. In this technological era, we are rarely out of contact with the huge world of sensory impressions. What we see, hear, taste, smell and touch in any given day becomes quite overwhelming. The Self wants to assimilate as much as possible, but often the sheer volume of sensory impressions just can’t be incorporated. This ‘undigested’ sensory input can literally shut down our digestive and nervous systems. Dill flower essence helps us to discriminate and regulate the sensory input in our daily life. It helps us perceive the depth of the sensory input and to assimilate it more fully. Dill flower essence can be thought of as a digestive enzyme for the sensory – psychic world, helping the brain digest it all.

Dill flower essence is helpful when one is in a crowded area such as an airport, trade show, or fairground. Dill flower essence won’t dull or subdue the senses, but rather refines and clarifies them. It helps us take in sensory ‘bites’ in a more holistic way, so we see a bigger, holographic picture, instead of the many little pieces. Dill flower essence helps us drink in and relish these sensory inputs without feeling uncomfortable.

Dill flower essence aids us in seeing our own personal families in balance with the larger communities we live in. It helps you to live in the moment with a childlike sense of bliss and innocence. Dill flower essence is especially good for sensitive children that are growing up too fast, or feeling like they have to do something about everything they feel. For the adult that grew up too fast, Dill flower essence help them deal with their inner child. Some sensitive psychic people shut down channels of communications as they grew up. Dill FE will help open those channels and bring balance into the life of psychic people.

When the dream world is too active and wakes one often, it is a symptom of not assimilating all the sensory input of the day. By taking Dill flower essence during the day, one will have an easier time with their dreams. Then instead of being a sensory dumping ground, our dreams can be more meaningful.

Dill flower essence is also useful for people that have given their own personal power over to others, and are living as a victim. Just like Dill’s umbels shoot out from the center, we often give away our energy from our center to others. Dill flower essence will help one reclaim their own inner balance in relationship to those around them. It helps a person experience life as it is, not through someone else’s perception of it.

Dill is quite useful for sensitive animals when they appear overwhelmed by environmental stimuli.

Chakra: Solar plexus, third eye primarily, but stimulation can cause all chakras to be overactive.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Awareness, Brain disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Childhood, Clarity, Confusion, Denial, Depression/Grief, Digestion Issues, Earth Healing and Nature Awareness, Eating Disorders, Emergency, Excessive Living, Fear, Insomnia, Irritable, Jet Lag, Moderation, Motion Sickness, Nervous System Disorders, Overwhelm, Objectivity, Relaxation, Restlessness, Stress/Tension, Swelling/Inflammation, Tonsillitis, Urban Stresses