Evening Primrose

Oenothera biennis

Positive qualities: Awareness and healing of early, negative emotions absorbed from the parents; facilitates open emotional and committed relationships.
Patterns of imbalance: Feeling rejected (even from in the uterus), unwanted; avoidance of commitment in relationships, fear of parenthood, sexual and emotional repression

“Evelyn has always felt a bit rejected in life. When she was a little girl her mother would often tell her ‘Life would have been very different for me if you hadn’t come along at such an inopportune time.’ Her mother had just started a very promising career when she became pregnant. Choosing to raise her child as a single parent, she gave up her ambitions of following her life passion. Evelyn loved her mother dearly and didn’t blame her, but she did still feel wounded by her mother’s rejection.

As an adult Evelyn finds it hard to form committed relationships. She isn’t all that interested in sex and the idea of having her own children frightens her. She likes to live her life avoiding emotional feelings, and is happier with a life hidden in academia.”

Evening Primrose is the flower essence to combat feelings of rejection. If one is rejected early enough in life (even in the uterus) the feelings of rejection will often overshadow other emotions. The Self is most open and receives it first impression of life on Earth while in utero and as a small infant. During this time we receive and reflect the light of our parents’ emotions (especially the mother’s). Rejection at such a young age can create deep-seated emotions which makes it difficult to form meaningful relationships as an adult. This blocked energy can easily become focused in the sexual area, where a person either ignores it, or rebounds into non connecting sexual turmoil, violence or debased lust.

Evening Primrose flower essence can cleanse one from the effects of having grown up in a toxic family. It will aid in cleansing ourselves of difficult family relationships. It will help us to work through heart-related issues. Some people tend to stifle their individuality and become fearful of revealing their inner nature. Evening Primrose flower essence reminds us that it is okay to express our feelings to others.

When people feel distant from their emotions, they will often have a look of ‘deadness’ or lack of vitality in the way they talk or use their body. Evening Primrose flower essence will help one connect with their emotions, thus improving their physical vitality.

Evening Primrose flower essence can facilitate a spiritual rebirthing by providing an emotional matrix that can nourish the Self. This isn’t always easy though, as often hidden behind the shadow of early childhood traumas are many other emotions. In the same way the Evening Primrose plant first opens in petals around 6:00 pm to light up the night, its flower essence can shine light on these hidden emotions. Evening Primrose flower essence reflects moon energy and helps us heal mother issues – both mother and child.

Our own shadow often hides aspects of our personality we do not like. We try and pretend they are not there by ignoring them, or simple forgetting about them. If you want to truly integrate inner peace into your life, you also have to incorporate the shadow aspect of yourself. This requires getting to know your shadow side and resolve this part of you, changing it into an inner resource. Evening Primrose flower essence can aid in facilitating this process, but more often this essence should be mixed with other flower essences, to allow a gradual and gentle healing.

A message from the plant:
“Open up all your channels and allow you’re self to ascend. In truth you want to ascend as quickly as possible but your ego mind holds you back with illusions of fear. Ego says, ‘ you are not ready, you could hurt yourself, people will judge you, and you will feel alone.’ Spiritual health is most important. I will help you open up and trust your inner guidance. Let’s release all old wounds that go back to your first appearance. You are born anew, celebrate this healing. Any self doubt will melt away and you will feel elated!”

Chakras: root, third and Heart chakra

Symptoms Which Indicate
Abandonment, Abuse, Action/Decisiveness/Self-Discipline, Alienation, Ambivalent/Apathetic, Avoidance, Catharsis, Childhood, Cleansing, Commitment, Confidence, Courage, Depression/Grief, Detoxification/Purification, Dreams, sleep, Eating Disorders, Escapism, Feminine Awareness/Balancing, Grief, Hormone Imbalance-Female, Hormone Imbalance-Male, Inadequacy, Independence, Inner Child, Insecurity, Involvement, Issues of Intimacy, Loneliness, Menopause, Menstruation absent or irregular, Motherhood, Obesity, Personal Relationships, Pre Menstrual Syndrome, Pregnancy, Purification, Rejection, Release, Repression, Separation/Alienation, Self-Esteem, Sexual Behavior