Epilolobium angustifolium

Positive qualities: Removes anger and transmutes karma; Excellent for war veterans; enhances connection with higher realms; encourages spiritual breakthroughs
Patterns of imbalance: for psychic problems; unbalanced anger; unresolved karma

“The young Blackfoot Indian woman was seething with anger. Her betrothed had been captured in a hunting raid and his fate was to be death by torture. Some of her anger was directed at him. In her rage she yelled, “How could he do this to me one week before our wedding?” She felt it was his fault and that he was being punished for living his life as a warrior. Now he had been captured by the enemy and will endure days of torture instead enjoying their wedding night feast.

Desperate, the young woman thought up a plan to rescue her true love. She would light a forest fire on the far side of the enemy’s camp and while everyone was busy rushing out of camp to extinguish the fire, she would rescue him. The plan almost worked, except that the forest fire she had created had been easy to put out and the enemy returned to camp before the young woman and her man were out of sight. The enemy gave chase now intent on capturing both of them.

The Great Spirit knew how much the couple was in love and took pity on them. Great Spirit turned her moccasins into magical footwear. Every place her moccasins touched the ground flames would burst forth. It wasn’t long before the enemy became frightened of her powers and stopped the chase.

The young couple escaped and married as they had planned. As a tribute to their love, Great Spirit allowed her moccasins to remain magical, but now instead of producing flames, they produce beautiful flames of flower every place they touched the ground.

And that is how the first fireweed came into being.”

Fireweed removes anger and transmutes karma. It is the remedy of restoration. When life destroys us, Fireweed flower essence helps us to successfully start over. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes of the fire, it helps you to connect to your Higher Self and encourage spiritual breakthroughs. With this comes renewed passion, discovering what your purpose in life is. What you are doing has importance and needs to be done.

It is especially useful when a person feels burned out, or has stagnant energies (on any level) after a shock or trauma due to accident or injury. Used in post traumatic syndrome, it is beneficial for war veterans, or people that have been forced to see, or do, things they didn’t want to.

Fireweed can facilitate the balancing of unbalanced psychic issues, while helping a person reconnect with Earth. It can help a person let go of misused energy patterns, habits and addictions that contribute to a state of exhaustion. It helps detoxify negative energy (Freudian id; irrational, primitive and emotionally negative parts of the mind), held in the body.

Fireweed plants are the first plants to grow after a forest fire, quickly filling valleys with purple/magenta beauty, as if to say “there is hope and all is not lost, even though it seems to be that way right now”. Through this action Fireweed flower essence can release pain, trauma and discomfort of the body following emergency situations.

It supports self healing and helps attract restorative energy from our surroundings. During times of need it helps us remember the abundance of love both within ourselves and surrounding us. It dissolves fear, making way for love.

In Chinese medicine the Heart is the home of Shen Qi, or spirit mind. When the heart is broken or damaged from excessive injury or insult, Shen retreats. Fireweed flower essence soothes the Heart, gently coaxing Shen back into embodiment. This brings back the vital force of Qi associated with it, dissolving feelings of separation from self and others. Physically this can help improve circulation, especially in the soft muscle and fascia of the chest and upper back. Some have found Fireweed flower essence benefits COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia). It can also be indicated for headaches and sinus pain.

Signature: grows profusely in burnt areas.

Chakra: Root, Heart, Crown

Meridian: Heart, Sheng (consciousness)

Key Word: Love, restoration, fresh start, passion

Angels: Arch Angels Ariel and Raziel

Challenges: Coldness, Uncaring, Inability to feel, Emotional wounds

Affirmation: I am loving and lovable

Symptoms Which Indicate
Shock/Trauma; energy stagnation on any level; feeling burned out; weak connection to the earth, Aggression, Circulatory Issues, Detoxification/Purification, Following Instincts/Intuition, Grounding, Improving Energy, Shock from past trauma, Stimulation