Myosotis arvensis

Positive qualities: Remembering of karmic connections with relationships and with those in the spiritual world; deep mindfulness of subtle realms; soul-based relationships
Patterns of imbalance: Feeling isolated and lonely; no awareness of spiritual connection with others; part of the self seems to be lost or forgotten, death of a loved one, separation; unresolved feelings of guilt about past actions; lack of respect for self and others

“Fred hasn’t been the same since his wife died. He feels lonely and isolated from people. Sometimes he even forgets who he is. His wife had been his soul-mate. Now that she was gone he had a hard time even remembering her eye color. He felt guilty not spending more time with her when she was alive. During their fifteen year marriage, he had traveled a lot on business and was always occupied with work when he was home. He always thought they would have lots of time to spend together when he retired. Fred wondered where she was now. He had very little connection with the spiritual world. Those realms scared him. It shocked him when he realized he had no belief system to help him understand what happens when one dies. He knows now he needs spiritual guidance in order to achieve more respect for himself and others. Even though he feels so lost with out his wife, he knows he can learn to live on his own again.”

Forget-me-not is the essence that promotes self-confidence and clarity of mind, especially in emergency situations. Helping with memory problems, while aligning the emotional and mental bodies, this flower essence promotes a more tranquil state of mind. Forget-me-not flower essence soothes worries and eases disturbed sleep, relieving nightmares and sleepwalking. It helps us remember the moment when a dream, path of action, or pattern of behavior originated. This can help us be more aware (on a conscious level) of the pure spiritual impulse that led to their conception.

Forget-me-not flower essence aids in resolving feelings of isolation and loneliness that ultimately originate at a deeper level of Self. If we don’t feel connected to our own spiritual self, we can’t feel spiritual connection to others. This can happen after the death of a loved one, when a person closes down their connection to their spiritual Self in order to not feel the pain. Shutting down this connection can result in feelings of guilt and lack of respect for self and others.

Forget-me-not flower essence will help us feel and remember our karmic connection with others. The loss of every day memory is easy to understand, but loss of memory on an esoteric level relating to karmic relationships and connection to Higher Self, is much more difficult to grasp. But this is the ultimate source of loneliness and isolation. This flower essence provides courage to explore those realms and other unknown realities. Often subconscious fears, guilt and pain create blocks to our deeper levels of remembering.

Forget-me-not flower essence opens the heart to allow the release of fear and pain held deep in the subconscious, helping us to remember our innocence. Once we have done that, we have a heighten awareness of subtle energies and the spiritual world. This enhances the subconscious, meditation, visions and dream states. It helps with all transition in life – like the butterfly breaking out of its cocoon.

This flower essence can be used by an expecting couple to contact their unborn child before it is born. Forget-me-not flower essence is also useful for people to resolve conflicts of unborn children after miscarriages and abortions. It helps you not to forget that they are part of your family, even though they aren’t presently in physical form.

Physically Forget-me-not flower essence rejuvenates the endocrine system and strengthens the brain’s electrical activity. It stimulates and synchronizes both of the brain’s hemispheres, helping us to draw out our own vitality and identity from a large circle of company, friends, family and ancestors.

Forget-me-not is associated with the Greek goddess Venus, the goddess of beauty, harmony, devotion and intuition. It also helps to open one’s ‘third eye’, strengthening the power of intuition and visions. In this way it can be used to increase clairvoyance, helping us to communicate with other realms of guides, nature spirits, and angels. It can facilitate two way ‘conversations’ with these other realms. This flower essence is good to use when having past life regressions, soul travel, or soul retrieval.

Chakra: Third eye (brow) chakra (6th), nourishing the crown (7th), while grounding the energy to the Earth.

Affirmations: I feel safe to release all my fears as I live in full remembrance of my Divine innocence

Angels: AA Haniel, Sandalphon.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Acceptance, Aging/Elderly, Awareness, Broken heart, Cancer, Clarity, Certainty, Communication, Death, Denial, Depression/Grief, Distrust, Dreams/sleep, Dullness, Escapism, Faith, Fear, Heart, Improving Memory, Improving Self-Discipline, Listening, Loneliness, Love, Meditating, Motherhood, Nostalgia, Personal Relationships, Perspective, Pregnancy, Receptivity, Soulfulness, Spiritual Emergency or Opening, Worries, Transition, Trust

This flower essence helps resolve subconscious mind fear, guilt and pain from past experiences (and the lesson contained within them)

Helps us respect our self, others and the planet.