Gaillardia aristata

Positive qualities: A safe secure blanket that enhances healing. It protects by sealing energetic leaks and tears, aligning one with the intention of healing quickly.
Patterns of imbalance: When in a crisis we often get bogged down by heavy, pessimistic energy and we can’t see our way toward healing; balances distress with new hope; lack of confidence; leaking energy to negative emotions or people

“Gail was recently attacked. After stealing her purse, the assailant threw her over a bluff. Physically she was lucky, suffering only a broken arm and a deep cut on her face that will likely form a permanent scar. Emotionally, her suffering was more severe ‘Why did he attack me? I was just out for a simple walk?’ She couldn’t understand why the attack happened, and the emotional turmoil was a feeling she couldn’t get out of her head. Gail wished someone would come along and assure her she would be alright. Even though she was well cared for in the hospital, and her wounds attended to, the pain went much deeper than her physical injuries. She needed the comfort of gentle hands; the grace of protection and security, allowing her time to begin anew. What could she do to get herself out of this heavy place?”

Often when a person is injured or has faced trauma, they retract into them self and experience the ‘why me’ syndrome. Gaillardia flower essence brings the energy of a light goddess, providing a warm blanket of security and understanding. This flower essence is like a mother; protecting, nourishing and making things all better. It seals energetic leaks and tears in the etheric and aurific fields. It creates an energetic shift so healing can happen quickly, resulting in a more gentle recovery.

Gaillardia flower essence helps one uncover their latent ability to overcome opposition and difficulties no matter what obstacles they are confronted with. It brings light and lightness to dense and stagnant areas. Gaillardia flower essence fills one with peace and provides a preparedness to receive the next inspiration for beginning a new focus, a new path or a new relationship. It is the fire that melts the ice of old patterns, instilling warmth when one feels down. Gaillardia flower essence helps one connect with the power of emotions and understand how emotions energetically impact the drama of our lives.

Affirmation: I am safe and secure to heal. I am beaming with self-confidence