Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja miniata

Positive qualities: Enthusiastic artistic activity, with lively, energetic creativity. Flower essence Muse.
Patterns of imbalance: Feeling exhausted with low vitality, having difficulty rousing physical forces to sustain the intensity of creative work. Having a hard time bringing creative forces into physical expression.

“India has always been a talented artist, even as a little girl her creative abilities were more advanced than others her age. She loved to draw and paint and had experimented with sculpture. She also excelled at singing and dance. But these days she couldn’t seem to get started. Ever since the birth of her second child, India has not been able to tap into her creativity at all. India craves the feeling she had when she was producing creative work. It made her feel alive and in her center. How could she get that feeling back?”

Indian Paintbrush flower essence stimulates creativity. It is a useful catalyst to get projects started or for moving a project forward if it has hit a temporary stagnation. Indian Paintbrush will bring energy to one’s creativity.

Often when people get into a creative space they ignore their physical body by not grounding themselves with proper food, exercise and other physical realities. This can result in physical exhaustion and eventually block or even stop the creative process. Indian Paintbrush flower essence aids in the revitalization of the system, by grounding the individual with physical energy, and at the same time stimulating their creativity to flow again.

Similar to Iris flower essence, Indian paintbrush flower essence is also a flower essence Muse. The difference between them is where the inspiration comes from. For the Iris flower essence person the mundane world has lost its sparkle and needs to be revitalized from above. The Indian Paintbrush flower essence person has becomes fatigued from not taking care of their earthly realm and they need to be revitalized from the earth. Iris flower essence connects a person to their creativity from above; while Indian Paintbrush flower essence connects a person to the vitality of the earth which in turn nourishes their creativity.

Creativity of course doesn’t just apply to the artist. There are many other areas in our lives, such as business and home, where creativity is necessary. Indian Paintbrush flower essence aids in moving forward the current project as well as helping us finish projects. It is the flower essence of manifestation.

One of the most creative things one can do is to create a child, although this process is very draining on one’s system. Indian Paintbrush flower essence can aid in revitalizing the body after pregnancy and delivery. It is especially useful if a women is anemic during pregnancy or if significant blood is lost during labor.

Indian Paintbrush flower essence encourages us to take the time to be still and to relax into the silence to regain our energy. It connects our creative aspect with the grounding of our earth roots. It helps us find abundant energy to meet our daily survival needs so that we can live a fuller and more creative life. It lets us love our Mother Earth and all of her creatures. It connects heaven and earth.

Chakra: Heart, second (creative), Root

Affirmation: I breathe in the silence to energize my creativity and ground me to Earth’s energies. I allow creativity to flow in the sacred spaces within my being.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Body, Breakthrough, Catalyst, Creativity, Depletion, Depression/Grief, Detoxification/Purification, Devitalization, Energetic Patterns, Exhaustion and Fatigue, Frustration, Grounding, Improving Energy, Inspiration, Manifestation, Rejuvenation, Spiritual Emergency or Opening, Stimulation, Transformation, Vitality, Will