Iris douglasiana

Positive qualities: Stimulates artistry, while inspiring deep soulfulness which is in touch with higher realms. It produces radiant, iridescent vision and perspective.
Patterns of imbalance: Deficient inspiration or creativity, with a feeling of being weighed down by the ordinariness or dullness of the world.

“Iris is an accomplished writer with twelve books published to date. She also writes a column in a magazine and produces a weekly e-zine. Writing has always been easy for Iris and it has been her passion ever since she could remember. But writing these days has become a struggle. Her creativity seems to have dried up. She can’t get the ideas and words to flow. She has come to hate the pressure of deadlines. And there are so many other things to be done that she doesn’t seem to be able to make the time to write. Daily life has drawn all inspiration from her. In fact, life itself doesn’t have the vibrancy that it used too. Life has become dull and mundane and filled with never-ending daily chores.”

Iris flower essence stimulates artistry with a deep soulfulness that comes from higher realms. Similar to Indian Paintbrush flower essence, Iris flower essence is a flower essence Muse. The difference between them is where the inspiration comes from. For the Iris flower essence person the mundane world has lost its sparkle and needs to be revitalized from above. The Indian paintbrush flower essence person has become fatigued from not taking care of their earthly realm and they need to be revitalized from the Earth. Iris flower essence connects a person to their creativity from above; while Indian paintbrush flower essence connects a person to the vitality of the earth which in turn nourishes their creativity.

Iris not only energizes creative forces, it also produces a radiant vibration around things, and can assist with some forms of clairvoyance.

In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, bringing spiritual promises into the physical realm. She was said to help deliver women into the after life on the same rainbow bridge. Often Iris flowers are given, or placed in the grave, when a women has died, aiding her way into the after life.

Just as the physical body needs air, our soul needs inspiration to live. The physical body needs blood circulating through its veins, and the soul needs a constant flow of radiant color. The iris of our eye brings physical colors into our life. Iris flower essence brings the colors of inspiration from the higher realms into our life.

When our lives have become mundane, Iris flower essence helps remove the dullness and boredom. It aids in relieving feelings of inadequacy, replacing them with a feeling of spiritual empowerment. It is helpful for people who have become lethargic, cynical, rude, mean, or grumpy. The Iris is considered to protect a person from evil, low energies. It is said that nothing evil can live in the pure beauty and serenity of an Iris.

When looked at from above the leaf structure of the Iris creates the shape of a ‘Star of David’ from the Jewish faith. Some consider this shape to be the MER-KA-BA, or the vessel of light that we came into life on. It is a closer representation of our true energy pattern than our physical body. Iris flower essence will help us entrain to our own light body energy field and thus re-energize our mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Chakra: Third Eye

Affirmation: I allow the beautiful light of the rainbow bridge to flow into me, revitalizing my creative and physical vitality.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Action, Authority, Back/Neck Pain/discomfort, Breakthrough, Career/Work, Childhood, Creativity, Dullness, Eating Disorders, Eye Problems, Feminine Awareness/Balancing, Frustration, Greedy/Materialistic, Home and Lifestyle, Imbalanced Blood Sugar, Immobility, Inadequacy, Improving Self-Discipline, Inner Child, Inspiration, Learning Difficulties, Manifestation, Menopause, Mental Illness, Mid-Life Crisis, Motherhood, Nature Awareness, Rejuvenation, Self-Expression, Spiritual Emergence or Opening, Spontaneity, Stress/Tension, Study Problems, Tension, Transformation