Verbascum thapsus

Positive qualities: Solid sense of inner moral conscience, with strong feelings of truthfulness, uprightness. Provides a combination of courage and tenderness, while facing one’s own fears. Aligns the physical body with the etheric body.
Patterns of imbalance: Difficulty hearing one’s inner voice; with a weak moral fiber, often leading to confusion, and indecisiveness. Uses lies or deception with oneself and others.

“Murray doesn’t consider himself to be a criminal even though he makes a living by conning people out of their money. He feels its not ‘really a crime’ as he usually leaves people feeling good about themselves after they have handed over their cash. Murray cons people out of their money by telling stories about fictitious people in need. He pretends to set up trust funds to help people who are sick or who have been victimized. His stories are so convincing that sometimes he believes them himself. Murray preys on older, successful women, eventually getting them to deposit considerable amounts of money into his fictitious trust accounts. He feels he should get paid for both the entertainment value of his stories and the good feeling the people experience when they help the needy. Murray justifies his tactics by telling himself that he never takes enough money to really hurt the person he is conning. Besides, he feels the people he cons are so well off, they won’t even notice the money is gone.

But now Murray is caught in a bind. He has fallen in love with the woman who is his latest victim. Can he unwind the lies and begin an honest relationship with her. Can he change his ways and work at a normal job, becoming a contributing member of society? Can he stop lying to others? Or more importantly, can he stop lying to himself?”

Mullein flower essence is for the person that is not always truthful to themselves or others. These people don’t have a strong inner voice or conscience telling them not to lie, cheat or take advantage of others. Mullein is used when one needs to recognize and accept their dark side without feeling overwhelmed by it. It helps a person be strong and enables them to stand on their own two feet and face their problems. At the same time, it aids a person in softening their feelings and becoming more receptive to others.

Mullein is a good example of the Doctrine of Signature. It is a strong plant with a stout, tall, thick stalk. The entire plant is soft, fuzzy, hairy, and velvety. Mullein has a phallus-shaped terminal spike filled with tightly grouped flowers that represent strength with softness, promoting intimacy and gentleness. The lemon-yellow cuplike flowers, flower buds and seeds are securely protected in the soft, wooly, phallic spike, demonstrating emotional security, protection and personal space. As this suggests, Mullein flower essence relates especially to men who are seeking true intimacy and security in expressing a soft, gentle, humble nature, or for women who want to strengthen yet soften their masculine nature. Mullein flower essence helps soften the edges of people who have become hardened by events in their life.

Mullein flower essence awakens a strong sense of inner morals. It gives a person the strength to always be truthful, combined with the courage to face up to their own fears. It strengthens the alignment and connection between the etheric and physical bodies. Mullein flower essence helps when one is wrestling with their own conscience. It can also help a person maintain focus and purpose when they feel they have lost touch with the true intention of a task.

Mullein was always considered by the ancients as a plant of protection from dark forces. It was the plant Ulysses took with him on his famous sea voyage to protect himself from the enchantress Circe. In India mullein is considered a safeguard against evil spirits. Medieval Europeans dipped the plant in suet and used it as a torch during ceremony or when overcoming the presumed evil person.

Chakra: third, second

Affirmation: I am true to myself and others as the way to truly connect in lasting intimacy.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Aphrodisiac, Awareness, Blaming/Intolerant/Judgmental, Confusion, Creativity, Denial, Dishonesty, Guilt, Improving Self-Discipline, Indecision, Independence, Listening, Masculine, Macho, Pregnancy, Working in Groups