Tropaeolum majus

Positive qualities: Moving intellect out of the head and into the heart; radiant vitality; glowing warmth; transmutation of intellect and emotions
Patterns of imbalance: Depleting life energy by over intellectualizing everything into a ‘dry’ reality; not seeing or feeling the life force in things; suffering from too much studying.

“For months Natasha has buried herself into her studies and now she feels completely exhausted. Her world seems to close in on her and she doesn’t know how to feel real emotions anymore. Life has become dry, tiresome and boring. Natasha realizes she lives mostly in her head, and she has no idea how to get out of the space she has created for her self. Her friends tell her to get out and live a little, but she always makes excuses that she has to study. The truth is that she doesn’t have the energy, nor does she even know how to go out and let loose any more. She used to be fun loving. She wonders what happened to her and why she can’t enjoy life the way she used to. She tells herself that maybe after she gets her degree she will have some fun, but right now she has to get back to her studies. The world out there can wait. In reality she doesn’t feel particularly connected to life anymore.”

In our modern day many find that they work with their intellect more and more. Often we overuse or over extend the energy of the mind and find ourselves exhausted. The problem is that some people are so used to ‘living in their head’ that they don’t know what else to do or how else to feel. This can easily make them narrow minded and short sighted. Nasturtium flower essence helps us connect to other energies besides the intellect and moves us back into our feeling body. It aids in transmuting dry intellectualization into warm vitality of feelings. Often when a person studies too much, or their career demands too much of their intellect, they get cold and disconnected from their own physical body and the nature of the world surrounding them. This can cause imbalances in metabolism and immune function. Nasturtium flower essence helps connect us to the bigger picture, revitalizing our intellect with warmth and feeling. It does this in a very interesting way – by connecting us to the inner chamber of our heart. In this place we can find a portal to imagining anything or going anywhere.

Nasturtium flower essence works on the lower mental body to integrate and connect the subtle bodies to the 2nd and 3rd Chakras. Even though Nasturtium flower essence releases dry intellect, it can be used to release stagnant energy anywhere, may it be in the mind, physical body, emotions or spirit. It transmutes and releases negative and stagnant patterns. This release is often subtle as, old patterns seem to just evaporate without our direct knowing making us feel that we have woken up to a brand new day filled with energizing vitality.

Nasturtium flower essence is specific for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, obsessive compulsion disorder and nervous disorders. It can be used to treat many levels of neurosis.

For animals we find that Nasturtium flower essence is good for generally neurotic behavior and helpful for nervous habits, tics, and the like. It also helps the ability to properly absorb and utilize nutrients from food as indicated in conditions of diarrhea, weight loss, or other indications of nervous irritability. It is good to add some into birdseed.

For Feng Shui Land Healing:
Nasturtium flower essence (usually used as a spray) helps harmonize the energy of the land and buildings; restoring energetic patterns of the area being to a “natural” state.

Chakra: Connects head chakras with 2nd and 3rd, Heart

Affirmation: I feel the vitality and Joy flowing through my life, releasing stagnant energies and bringing my connection to the bigger picture.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Balance, creativity, depletion, devitalization, dysfunction, dryness, earth healing, energetic patterns, enhancing intellect, excessive living, exhaustion and fatigue,
eye problems, improving energy, mental illness, metabolic imbalances, nature awareness, nervous system disorders, obsessive/compulsive, serious/dramatic, study problems