Self Heal

Prunella vulgaris

Positive qualities: Healthy, vital sense of Self; healing and beneficent forces arising from within oneself, deep sense of wellness and wholeness.
Patterns of imbalance: Inability to take inner responsibility for one’s physical or emotional healing, while lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness and overly dependent on external help.

“Steve regained consciousness in the hospital. The last thing he remembered was flying over the handle bars of his motorcycle. Steve knew the accident had been a bad one. Everything in his body hurt and he could feel where the doctors had stitched up numerous cuts and lacerations. Steve felt defeated and exhausted and he really wasn’t sure he was going to make it. The doctors told him he was now stable, but the next 24 hours would be critical. Steve dug deep into himself but just couldn’t find the inner resources he needed to fight the battle for his health. His girl friend gave him a few drops of Self Heal flower essence and the energy of it hit him like a bolt of lightening. He felt a radiance flowing through him as if a new resource of healing energy had just been found. Steve didn’t really believe in remedies that he considered ‘new age spiritual stuff’, but this flower essence felt like it came out of a fantasy movie; the wizard with the magic wand. Steve’s condition improved dramatically over the next 24 hours and when the doctor came to see him, he couldn’t believe his progress. The doctor said he was lucky to have such an innate healing ability and suggested that he had turned the corner and would fully recover. Steve of course kept taking the Self Heal flower essence and was discharged from the hospital in just four days. He completely recovered and now believes in those ‘magic drops’ for almost everything.”

Self Heal, also known as ‘Heal-All’ or ‘Heart of the Earth’ by past herbalists, sums up its essence in its various names. As one of the most universal flower essence remedies, Self Heal flower essence is an excellent way to begin most healing programs. It helps the Self get involved in the healing process.

Many people feel overwhelmed when facing their own health issues. It is difficult for them to connect with their inner resources and stimulate the healing process. Modern society has encouraged this behavior; most people hand responsibility for their health completely over to the doctors and often a set of high tech machines.

All healing come from within and Self Heal flower essence helps us find the source of that power. It is a great flower essence when a person has lost hope in their own healing abilities. It is equally useful for the hypochondriac that uses illness as a way to receive attention from others.

As a flower essence, Self Heal helps a person focus on their own innate healing ability by lining up their etheric and physical bodies, making a space where healing energy can flow. By aiding in the etheric energy flowing into the physical body, it literally helps a person ‘re-cover’ from wounds or injuries to the body within a sheath of healing energy.

This remedy is especially beneficial when a person has been given a diagnosis by the medical community that doesn’t feel all that favorable. Some medical doctors will give a fatalistic diagnosis in order to ‘not mislead the patient’. Self Heal flower essence will restore a person’s faith in them self, allowing them to participate in the healing process. It is useful in auto-immune conditions to balance the healing energy so the body doesn’t attack itself. It draws on the Higher Self, via the etheric body, to generate the life force needed in healing. It is beneficial for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Self Heal flower essence can be used to enhance the ability of other flower essences or other healing modalities in a person’s program for well being. It can be used for the simplest wounds, all the way up to life threatening or terminal diseases. It is especially beneficial for children or elderly that might consider themselves more vulnerable than the rest of the population.

This flower essence has been used world wide in animal shelters to help rescued animals from environmental or abusive trauma. It can be used when a puppy or kitten is taken away from the litter too early. In the garden, Self Heal flower essence can be used in the water can when transplanting a plant, or when a plant is diseased or under stress.

Chakra: helps balance all chakras especially the Crown

Affirmation: I AM in a state of balance, allowing healing energy to flow through me

Symptoms Which Indicate
Addiction, Aging/Elderly, Ambivalent/Apathetic, Animals and Animal Care, Childhood, Cleansing, Codependent/Needy, Confidence, Conflicts, Confusion, Denial, Depletion, Detoxification/Purification, Distrust, Doubt, Eating Disorders, Improving Energy, Faith, Healing Process, Immune Disturbances, Independence, Learning Difficulties, Menopause, Mid-Life Crisis, Psychosomatic Illness, Rejuvenation, Resistance, Seeking, Self-acceptance/appreciation, Self-Actualization, Shock from past trauma, Stimulation, The Healing Process, Vitality