Shasta Daisy

Chrysanthemum maximum

Positive qualities: Synthesizing ideas into a living wholeness, with a mandalic or holistic consciousness.
Patterns of imbalance: Thinking too much by the over-intellectualization of reality, while seeing information as bits and pieces rather than parts of a whole.

“Sharon is a true academic. If she could she would bury her head in research all the time, digging into and documenting every detail. But sometimes she feels that she can’t see the forest for the trees. As good as she is at research; she cannot always see the bigger picture. Sharon lives in her head, hardly ever feeling any emotions. Occasionally she will experience a negative emotion coming up from some unknown place. But mostly she only glimpses her emotions. Sharon’s emotions always create panic within her whenever she begins to feel something. Sharon knows the only way to have an appreciation for the bigger picture is to begin to feel her emotions and stop living in her head.”

Shasta Daisy flower essence is for the person who focuses too much on the details of a project, compartmentalizing ideas, but not being able to see the whole picture. In our society we often over emphasize mental work, especially in the scientific community. This flower essence helps a person integrate both emotional and intellectual aspects of life.

To get the inspirations of a breakthrough, you have to look at all the bits of data using a holographic view. It is from this point of view that you will be then able to see the framework or pattern into which the data will fit. Shasta Daisy flower essence will help writers, teachers and researchers to view their material in a larger context, allowing them to better grasp the purpose of their project.

Shasta Daisy flower essence aids us in seeing archetypes within a mandalic or holistic point of view. It can help integrate several pieces of data into one simple thought. When the mental body is asked to hold all the individual pieces of data, it will tend to become confused and overwhelmed, leading to a lack of focus. This flower essence will release that confusion and create better focusing abilities. It will help reduce mental clutter and over-analytical thinking. This makes Shasta Daisy flower essence a great remedy for manifesting, as it keeps a person focused on what they want.

Shasta Daisy flower essence is beneficial when a person has compartmentalized their emotions, not allowing themselves to be an integrated whole. It will aid in reintegrating or re-patterning their emotional life into a stronger feeling of self-identity.

It is helpful for the person who experiences panic attacks. When a person lives too much in their head, and has a strong need to create logical solutions for everything, they can become more susceptible to panic attacks. A panic attack occurs when one experiences an emotion or a subconscious fear that the mind cannot effectively rationalize, resulting in a feeling of being out of control. Shasta Daisy flower essence will provide a broader framework for these situations, so panic is less likely.

In relationship problems Shasta Daisy flower essence can help a person feel and see the wholeness of the relationship instead of intellectualizing their own argument in order to ‘win’ the ‘battle’. It stops a person from seeing a relationship as a series of individual incidences and more of a whole lifestyle pattern.

Chakra: Crown

Angels: Arch Angel Zadkiel, and Arch Angel Raziel

Affirmation: I perceive ideas and relationships in a holistic living way.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Awareness, Childhood, Creativity, Enhancing Intellect, Focus, Inspiration, Mental Illness, Study Problems, The Healing Process, Wisdom/Insight, Working in Groups