Helianthus annus

Positive qualities: Balanced sense of individuality, spiritualized ego forces, sun-radiant personality
Patterns of imbalance: Distorted sense of Self; inflation or self-effacement, low self-esteem or arrogance; poor relation to father or masculine aspect of Self. Resistance to accept authority, especially of ones Higher Self.

“Georgina has very strong masculine attributes. Some even say she is more masculine then feminine, but they don’t know the real her. She has a strong and forceful presence that some mistake for arrogance. But really she suffers from low self-esteem. Georgina feels she took on this masculine persona in an effort to gain more attention from her father. He always wanted a son and as a child she had tried to become that son he never had. This had created vacillations in her sense of self, causing her to have issues with authority and feeling above having to follow rules. Ultimately Georgina needs to learn how to pay attention to the authority of her higher-self.”

Sunflower flower essence helps one understand and balance the archetypal reflections of the male, father, and authority. It can be used for both men and woman when the person is struggling with an unbalanced expression of masculine energy. It can help with father issues, both in aiding a person to be a stronger father figure or in aiding the person who has a weak or dysfunctional relationship with their father. Since we often map authority issues on the yang or father archetype, Sunflower flower essence is beneficial in helping a person deal with authority. Ultimately the authority one must answer to is the authority of one’s Higher Self. Sunflower flower essence will facilitate that process.

The Sunflower stands up strong and tall, deeply rooted in the ground, with a sturdy stock and a flower head reaching up to the sun. In the same way, the Sunflower flower essence provides structure to a person by firmly rooting them onto the earth plane and teaching them how to hold their head up high, relieving feelings of low self-esteem. It will equally balance those that have an over-bonding ego, allowing a person to feel more well-adjusted and comfortable with themselves.

It reduces tightness in the muscles, especially the spine and areas relating to the Governor meridian.

Sunflower flower essence can be used during the winter to help bring sunlight into a depressive situation. It combines especially well with Saint John’s wort flower essence for relieving depression.

Chakra: Heart and Crown

Angels: Arch Angel Uriel, Arch Angel Chamuel, Arch Angel Raguel

Meridian: Governor

Physical: Back

Affirmation: I am a radiant Being, shining with empowerment from my inner authority.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Action/Decisiveness/Self-Discipline, Addiction, Adolescence, Aggression, Authority, Back/Neck Pain/discomfort, Balance, Cancer, Childhood, Codependent/Needy, Compassion, Confidence, Conflicts, Death, Egotism, Excessive Living, Family concerns, Feminine Awareness, Following Instincts/Intuition, Greedy/Materialistic, Improving Self-Discipline, Independence, Leading Others, Masculine, Macho, Paternal issues, Personal Relationships, Self-acceptance/appreciation, Separation/Alienation, Speaking/Public Speaking, Strength/Endurance, The Healing Process