Sweet Pea

Lathyrus latifolius

Positive qualities: Feeling a strong commitment to one’s community, with an ability to form deep social roots, while feeling comfortable on the Earth plane.
Patterns of imbalance: Having a hard time forming social bonds within community, or not being able to find one’s place on Earth. A sense of homelessness, dislocation, or frequent travel/moving.

“Paullina considers herself to be an adventurer and traveler. But the truth is she is unable to put down roots anywhere. Some would even call her homeless. Paullina is continually looking for ‘her community’, for a place where she feels she belongs. She has a great desire to be part of an earthbound community and form bonds with like-minded individuals. So far this dream has eluded her and for this she blames her childhood. When she was a child her family was constantly moving, and she continually had to put great effort into connecting with new people. Then sure enough each time she established a close friendship, her parents would uproot her and she would need to start all over again. She began to resist forming close friendships, feeling it just wasn’t worth the effort knowing that she would soon be uprooted once again.

Paullina knows that the only way to stop this feeling of homelessness is to find a sense of purpose and then focus on building herself a home.”

Sweet Pea flower essence is for the person who is searching for themselves, their community and a way to bond with other people. It is very useful when a person finds themselves wandering a lot, either for business, constantly moving homes, being homeless, or just a sense of wanderlust. These people might move from one community to another, searching for a place to call home, but never being able to truly engage with anything or anyone in each location. Ultimately they are searching for their home on Earth and to feel a sense of belonging.

Sweet Pea flower essence helps a person integrate their own uniqueness into their community, allowing them to not only feel like they have a place where they belong, but also giving a space where they can contribute to the community’s well being.

The feeling of being ‘lost’ is more prevalent in big modern cities where living conditions consist of high-rise apartment complexes, urban ghettos, and anemic suburban developments. Many feel that these types of living conditions have lost the very ‘soul of community’. Most people don’t even know their neighbours, and few have a connection to the community around them. Some seek out ‘social communities’ of like minded people to fill this need, but others feel lost and wander from one group to next, searching for a place to belong. Sweet Pea flower essence can be used to help a person find a ‘home’ in their larger community, aiding in the connection with others and the Earth. Sometimes all it takes is to slow down long enough to truly connect with what is already around you.

This essence is especially beneficial for a lost cat or dog; or an animal waiting to be adopted. It can be used to help animals when they are traveling, or when they are in temporary homes. It is necessary for animals to feel a strong sense of belonging, and Sweet Pea flower essence will provide this.

Sweet Pea flower essence can help restore and support the vibrancy of one’s unique sense of delicacy and sweetness (the unseen subtle strength) as one trusts in their foundation in the moment.

Chakra: Root and Heart, also balances other chakras

Angels: Arch Angels Ariel, Michael

Symptoms Which Indicate
Abandonment, Adolescence, Alienation, Community Life and Group Experience, Conflict, Earth Healing and Nature Awareness, Environment, Escapism, Father and Fathering, Fear, Groundedness, Home and Lifestyle, Involvement, Life Direction, Loneliness, Personal Relationships, Rejection, Scatteredness, Seeking