Hierochloe odorata

Positive qualities: Free flow of energy between all bodies; releases energy blockages, creating clarity in all healing; generates a field of protection
Patterns of imbalance: bogged down by energy blockage, especially in the etheric realm; loss of vital energy; difficulty bringing a healing session to completion; disharmony in home or work environment

“Stefan has always felt like he was slightly out of phase with the people around him. He has a constant tightness in his shoulders and pain in his lower back. He has found temporary relieve with massage therapy, but the tightness and pain returns within a week. He has also noticed that after each massage he feels cranky and emotionally down, as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He wishes the massage therapy would bring about more lasting results and that he would not feel so emotionally drained after each session.”

Sweetgrass has been used by the Plains Indians for many generations as a healing and ceremonial smudge. Just having Sweetgrass in your presence can bring about a steady harmony within your environment.

Sweetgrass flower essence has similar attributes, especially helping to seal a healing session with a ceremonial energy that brings about completion. When a person has body work or other energetic work done on the physical body, often debris is left behind in the etherical or emotional realms. Sweetgrass flower essence helps to dissolve and evaporate these energy patterns.

Some practitioners feel that by giving Sweetgrass flower essence before as session, a clarity of intention is created for the session. And then by giving it right after a session, the session is brought to a harmonious completion. Some suggest adding Sweetgrass flower essence to a hot bath water or in the water for a sauna after having body work done where core emotions are worked on.

Opening up to Sweetgrass flower essence on a regular basis will aid in stopping the accumulation of stagnant and disharmonious energies in the etheric and emotional realms before they have a chance to enter into the physical realm.

Affirmation: I release what is finished and bring my healing session to completion on all levels

For Feng Shui Land Healing:
Sweetgrass flower essence makes an excellent space cleanser, often added to a spray bottle and mixed with Nasturtium and others flower essences.