Tiger (Western Wood) Lily

Lillium philadelphicum

Positive qualities: Cooperative and positive social interaction; balancing feminine and masculine energies; inner peace and harmony as a foundation for outer relationships
Patterns of imbalance: Overly aggressive, competitive, hostile attitude; excessive yang male energies, separatist tendencies

“Ted is an overly aggressive, competitive business man. He has led the sales figures in his department for the past six months. Ted has strong opinions about everything and he is not receptive to anyone who tries to change his views. But Ted doesn’t have many friends. A year ago he divorced, and now he isn’t even allowed to see his son because he was violent during the break up. He has been told he needs to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings, but Ted sees himself as a business warrior and he feels that if he is not aggressive he will not be successful. Ted will admit he is lonely at times, but he tells himself that is the price he has to pay for what he perceives as success.”

Tiger Lily flower essence is used to balance the overly aggressive male or ‘yang’ energies that have developed in modern society. The current business model is often filled with negative aspects of masculine energy. It is a competitive environment instead of a cooperative one. Even though there is a place for competitive energy, it has to be balanced with softer feminine qualities.

Tiger Lily flower essence will transmute overly hostile or aggressive tendencies into more positive social impulses. It helps a person move from a personal, bigoted point of view, to one that includes the greater whole. Both males and females display this yang energy in our society. Tiger Lily flower essence can be used by people that feel they need to compete with everyone, instead of striving to work for the common good of all. It can help a male integrate the inner feminine (Jungian anima) part of themselves.

For woman, Tiger Lilly flower essence will help address issues dealing with their inner masculinity (Jungian animus) and therefore is particularly valuable during menopause when more of a woman’s masculine energy begins to surface. Tiger Lily can be broadly associated with strengthening feminine energy, by strengthening the feminine Self to work within a yang or masculine structure or context. It can also be beneficial during puberty, and with some types of PMS. For the person who uses sexism as a display of power, Tiger Lily flower essence will give them the confidence to stand in their power in a more appropriate manner.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar plexus and Heart

Angels: Arch Angels Gabriel, and Mythical characters of Joan of Arc and Diana

Symptoms Which Indicate
Acceptance, Aggression, Ambitious, Competitive, Animals and Animal Care, City Life, Community Life and Group Experience, Cooperation, Excessive Living, Earth Healing and Nature Awareness, Feminine Awareness/Balancing, Following Instincts/Intuition, Hostility, Greedy/Materialistic, Leadership, Lower Self, Masculine, Macho, Menopause, Personal Relationships, Power, Self-acceptance/appreciation, Service, Urban Stresses, Working in Groups