Trembling Poplar

Populus tremuloides

Positive qualities: The ability to meet the unknown with complete trust and confidence. Having a sensitive attunement to the spiritual world, with a perceptive awareness of psychic realms.
Patterns of imbalance: Vague, unknown fears filled with anxiety and apprehension. Having hidden fears, resulting in nightmares, while easily being startled or frightened.

“Nappi was the all powerful god of the Blackfoot Indians. He was everything to the Blackfoot people. He was the very land itself. He ruled the animal four-legged people, the plant people, the rock people, the flying people, the seasons and the very way of life for the two-legged Blackfoot people. Nappi was bit different from what some people would think of as a god, as he would often go for walks among the people, surveying his land. Of course because he was god, all the plants, animals and the people had to bow to him whenever he went by.

One day when he was walking through the woods, a group of sensitive poplar trees decided not to bow. They didn’t see why they should bow to what appeared to them to be just a two-legged walking in the woods. Nappi was shocked! He couldn’t have this arrogant group of poplar trees ignoring his power. Why, before long this arrogance might spread to the animal four-legged people, and he certainly didn’t want the two-legged people finding out about it. So he had no choice but to start throwing lightening bolts at the arrogant group of sensitive poplar trees. The lightening bolts thundered around the arrogant poplar trees, sending such fear deep into their roots that they began to tremble for their lives.

Seeing the poplar trees tremble gave Nappi an idea. Nappi placed a spell on the poplar trees so that every time a two-legged person walked by, the trees would tremble and be a warning for the two-legged people that if they didn’t trust and work with their higher spirit guides, they would be troubled by unknown fears and vague anxieties causing them to tremble just like the poplar trees. These fears and anxieties would wake them at night with bad dreams or cause them to be easily startled, or be frightened of their own shadow.

And that is why these poplar trees tremble.”

Trembling Poplar flower essence is for a very specific type of fear: the fear or anxiety of a vague and unknown cause. It is a fear that wells up from the unconscious, often taking the form of bad dreams. Trembling Poplar flower essence is for sensitive person who is easily startled or frightened by the smallest thing. These sensitive people often have a more developed emotional or astral body; therefore they perceive energies from other realms more readily than the average person. This often creates an interesting dichotomy; one of being both timid and arrogant at the same time. These traits are more common in people born since the mid nineteen-seventies. This is a specific group of people often referred to as the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. They know they have a psychic ability that many others don’t. This scares them, making them more timid, while at the same time it creates a type of arrogance in them, as they feel special because they can perceive things that other can’t. This psychic ability comes to them through their unconscious or the unknown. Once these people have been properly trained, giving them a framework for the perception, the fear dissipates. Because this fear or anxiety is of an unconscious nature, it will often try to unwind itself in dreams, sometimes waking a person in a state of nightmares.

Trembling Poplar flower essence will help a person connect with and learn from Spirit. It helps a person trust and be confident in their sensitivity. It will help improve one’s ability to make better choices. It will tune them to the gentleness of nature. It is also beneficial to aid in releasing any of the parent’s fears that a parent may have instilled in a child.

Trembling Poplar flower essence is very beneficial for people that have opened their psychic perception channels too early in life through the use of drugs, rituals, or ceremonies. It will help calm and harmonize the innate psychic capabilities of these individuals, ultimately providing the person with more confidence in their abilities. In this way it can be used by a person going into a new environment, may it be as simple as a business meeting or a more complex adventure into the unknown. It will aid in a person being more comfortable with teachings from their dreams and intuition.

This remedy connects with the acupuncture meridian called the Triple Warmer channel. It will harmonize the flow of energy in a spiral upwards from Tan Den and Ming Men points. This moves through the Heart chakra and up through the Crown chakra, tuning the physical body to a higher frequency.

This is a good remedy for animals. It is useful for horses that are easily spooked; cats that over groom themselves or are extremely timid; and for dogs that panic when their owner goes away. For all animals it is a helpful remedy to calm fear or anxiety of an unknown source.

Chakra: Throat, Solar plexus, moving through Heart Chakra

Meridian: Triple Warmer

Key Word: Fear of the unknown, Anxiety, Healing Innocence, Yielding

Challenges: Separation

Affirmation: I allow myself to perceive from other planes and I am confident that my Spirit will guide me.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Addiction, Animals and Animal Care, Anxiety, Children, Courage, Faith, Fear, Insecurity, Insomnia, Manifestation, Nervousness, Paranoia, Sensitivity, Spiritual Emergency or Opening, Surrender, Trust