Wild Rose, Alberta

Rosa acicularis

Positive qualities: Motivation to live with joy. Making a commitment to life, even though it is full of trials or pain.
Patterns of imbalance: Inability to embrace life. Living with resignation or apathy, due to pain or suffering that paralyzes body and soul. Suffering from a lingering illness which does not resolve itself.

“Alison wondered if she had become apathetic with life. She certainly had lost sight of her childhood dream. She used to think she could change the world and make it a better place for all. Now she was resigned to the concept that the political and financial forces of our modern society were just too engrained to allow a person like her to create change. Alison lacked faith in the system. She didn’t believe there was any reason to vote as one party seemed to be just as corrupt as the next. And what hope is there for the future? How could she ever tackle the issues of the day: the environment, economical pressures and big business takeovers? Alison’s grim view of the future had moved into her body, taking the form of chronic fatigue syndrome. Her doctor had even told her there was no hope of ever getting better. This prognosis just added to her gloomy view of the future. She told herself that she had better learn how to suffer, for that seemed like it would be her fate for the rest of her life.”

Alberta Rose flower essence is the flower essence of choice for cases of apathy, resignation and an inability to embrace life. Our modern society is so full of apathy and resignation that most of us don’t even recognize it. Most people don’t vote, recycle, eat consciously or do things that they know could improve the situation. Why should they change, if others aren’t going to? ‘Why should I change my job? The next one will be just as bad.’ Or ‘Why should I try to do something about my bad health, it is hereditary?’ Alberta Rose flower essence is a remedy that fills a person with motivation and the belief that it is possible to live with joy in your heart. It will help you to lift your head and see a bright future. It will aid in giving you the energy required to make positive changes in your life so you can feel happy again.

Almost all people in the modern world could benefit from Alberta Rose flower essence. We are in a time of great change and this flower essence will help ensure that those changes are positive.

Alberta Rose flower essence produces change slowly and needs to be taken for a longer period of time than many of the other remedies. It can often take weeks or a month for changes to take place.

Most people have hidden their apathy and resignation of the heart behind many deep layers of other emotions. This becomes evident when a person is going though the deep emotions that come with personal growth. Sometimes when seeing how their emotional patterns are so solidly entrenched into their being, they just want to give up hope. Alberta Rose flower essence will give the energy to persevere and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A light that will help open our heart and fill life with joy.

Alberta Rose flower essence is the best remedy to give a person that is suffering from a long, protracted illness that seems to have no hope in being resolved. It can be used when a person is suffering from emotional issues that paralyze the body or soul. It is very beneficial in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromylgia and other auto-immune issues. Alberta Rose will aid in restoring the vital forces of the spirit when it is disconnected from the physical body. It will help a person regain an interest in earthly life. Alberta Rose flower essence will give one a jump start on life. It helps a person practice what they preach, integrating their spiritual beliefs into their physical life. This essence is good for mediums, intuitives, musicians and others that need to be in their right brain and higher self in order to create.

Chakra: Heart

Affirmation: I embrace life and joy and make a commitment to follow through for the highest good for all.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Ambivalent, Animals and Animal Care, Apathy, Challenge, Childhood, Depletion, Depression/Grief, Exhaustion and Fatigue, Grief, The Healing Process, Psychosomatic Illness, Surrender, Vitality, Will