Artemisia frigida

Positive qualities: clearing the etheric and astral worlds so that dreams are full and fruitful; integrating experiences from dream and expanded states into the daily realm
Patterns of imbalance: bogged down with heavy energy in the etheric or emotional area; unresolved anger and resentment; cannot forgive self or others for past actions; letting go of lower frequency entities and patterns; breaking unconscious imprints and energetic ‘cords.’

“Warren wakes up almost as tired as he is when he goes to bed. His sleep is active with dreams, yet he doesn’t remember any details. He finds it strange that although his dreams seem so real and alive, he cannot recall anything about them when he wakes up. He feels exhausted and burdened during the day. Even his friends have mentioned that he is moody and not his usual energetic self. Warren senses that there are vague memories haunting him and if he could just let those go he would feel lighter and happier. Like trying to capture his elusive dreams, he just can’t put his finger on what is bothering him. Warren feels he is on the verge of something, but is not quite sure what it is.”

Wormwood sages have been used ceremonially for millennia by North American Indians and many other indigenous peoples from around the world. The sage is burned and used to ‘smudge’ or clear away unwanted energy patterns. Similar to using smudge, Wormwood flower essence is used to clear heavy emotions. It will aid in releasing unconscious patterns that weigh us down.

Wormwood is used as an herbal remedy to physically rid the body of parasites. In the same way, Wormwood flower essence helps eliminate heavy patterns and energies that live in the lower astral frequencies, sometimes referred to ‘energetic parasites’. This flower essence is specific to dissolving unconscious ‘cords’ or connections that we have to unresolved issues and personal situations.

Wormwood flower essence enhances the dream state; allowing dreams to become clearer and more vivid, and aiding us to more fully understand lessons from the dream world. This flower essence helps one transition from day consciousness to night consciousness. It will also help balance a person that tends to live too much in the dream world, by providing solid grounding in the practical, physical world.

Wormwood flower essence can be used when one overly expresses their emotions in irrational, hysterical or exaggerated ways. By keeping balance between the physical world and the dream world, this flower essence helps gradually open the soul to expanded consciousness. Wormwood flower essence helps one integrate their experiences during expanded states into daily reality.

Affirmations: I AM the gateway to grounded understanding and integration between spiritual experience and daily life.

Symptoms Which Indicate
awareness, balance, daydreaming, dreams and sleep, feminine consciousness, hysteria, insight, insomnia, inspiration, massage, meditation, pregnancy, receptivity, sensitivity, spiritual emergency or opening, toning