Yarrow, Yellow

Achillea filipendulina

Positive qualities: A feeling of inner protection while remaining open to others. Having an active social life, while preserving a sense of personal integrity.
Patterns of imbalance: For outgoing people who are overly influenced by their environment and other people; protecting oneself from vulnerability to others by withdrawal and social isolation; dependence on drugs for protection or social masking and creating personas.

“Gord presents himself as a flamboyant character who likes to perform when he is in a crowd. But inside he is a very sensitive artist. He created different personas as a way to protect his vulnerability. Gord will spend long periods of time in his studio creating his art. For months people cannot contact him, but when he comes out, it is with a larger than life personality. During these outings, Gord will often get drunk and use drugs. Even though these are accepted qualities in an artist such as himself, he knows he has to stop hiding the true Gord behind all of these layers.”

Golden Yarrow, like the other Yarrow flower essences, is for protection. It is specific for the mental and social aspects of life helping a person stay mentally and socially receptive without feeling vulnerable. It is for the sensitive person that uses made-up personas, alcohol, drugs or isolation as a means of protection. Golden Yarrow flower essence helps balance the person who oscillates between extreme introversion and extreme extroversion, such as the artist that spends hours alone perfecting their artistic contributions, and then is suddenly thrown into the limelight of public scrutiny. These sensitive people often turn to alcohol or drugs to create a protective shield to hide behind. This practice may eventually harden and desensitize the person, making it increasingly more difficult for them to regain their creative flow. Golden Yarrow flower essence will help protect them, so they can feel more comfortable with social interaction and operate from a place of strength and sensitivity, with a gentle expression of Self.

There are three types of Yarrow flower essences. The White Yarrow flower essence is an essence for general protection. It will create a white field of energy around a person and knit together any porous areas of a person’s auric field. Pink Yarrow flower essence is also for protection, but it is more specific for protection of the heart. It helps a person to approach life with an open heart without feeling vulnerable. Pink Yarrow flower essence also helps a person become grounded within them self, allowing them to create meaningful relationships with others. Golden Yarrow flower essence is used for protection at the mental and social levels. Golden Yarrow flower essence helps with communication and can be used by the timid person to come out of their shell, or by the flamboyant person that creates a persona to hide behind. It can be used personally, or can be made into a spray for the room.

Symptoms Which Indicate
Action, Addiction, Adolescence, Ambivalence, Anxiety, Centeredness, Childhood, City Life, Community Life and Group Experience, Competitive, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Eating Disorders, Emergency, Fear, Grounding, Improving Self-Discipline, Insecurity, Issues of Intimacy, Protection, Sensitivity, Softness, Speaking/Public Speaking, Strength/Endurance, Stress/Tension, True to Self, Urban Stresses, Vulnerability, Working in Groups, Worries