Artichoke — Cynara scolymus

artichoke- cdrFamily Asteraceae

Part used: Leaves, Flower

Herbal action: Bitter, lowers blood cholesterol, diuretic, liver tonic, lowers blood sugar, cholagogue, choliokinetic, detoxifier, depurgative, diuretic, hepatoprotective, hypotensive, stimulant, tonic

Contraindications and cautions: Should not be employed if a bile duct obstruction is present, as in the case of gallstones.

Medicinal uses:

Liver support: Because of its “choleretic” (stimulates bile flow) effect, it is suggested that artichoke may protect the liver from chemical toxins. Its toning action is like ‘wringing out of the hepatic sponge’, thus producing its hepato-protective function, however, it is less active than Milk Thistle.

Kidneys: used to treat nephrosclerosis, urinary stones.

Deodorant: consumed internally it has a deodorant action on the body.